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Records 122

220 Winspear Avenue

2211 Main Street

24 High Street

25 Goodrich Street

25 Niagara Square

250 Winspear Avenue

77 West Eagle Street

Abbott Hall, Charles D.

Acheson Hall Annex, Edward Goodrich

Alfiero Center, Jeanne and Sal H.

Allen Hall, Cornelia H.

Alumni Arena

Amherst Bubble

Anderson Gallery, UB

Baird Hall, Frank B.

Baird Point

Baird Research Park

Baker Chilled Water Plant, Melvin H.

Baldy Hall, Christopher

Beane Center, John

Beck Hall, Edgar C.

Bell Hall, Lawrence D.

Bethune Hall, Louise Blanchard

Biomedical Education Building

Biomedical Research Building

Bissel Hall, Wilson S.

Bonner Hall, Willard H.

Buffalo Materials Research Center

Campus Mail Center

Capen Hall, Samuel P.

Cary Hall, Dr. Charles

Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, New York State

Center for the Arts

Center for Tomorrow

Childcare Center

Childcare Complex

Clark Memorial Gymnasium, Irwin B.

Clemens Hall, Samuel L.

Clement Hall, Carolyn Tripp

Clinical and Translational Research Center

Computing Center

Cooke Hall, Water P.

Creekside Village

Crofts Hall, George D.

Crosby Hall, William H.

Davis Hall, Barbara and Jack

Diefendorf Hall Annex, Charles H.

Diefendorf Hall, Charles H.

Dorsheimer Laboratory/Greenhouse, Philip

Downtown Gateway, UB

Ellicott Complex, Joseph P.

Erie County Almshouse and County Hospital complex

Eve Educational Opportunity Center, Arthur O.

Farber Hall Annex, Sidney

Farber Hall, Sidney

Flickinger Court, Burt P.

Flint Villiage

Foster Hall, Orrin E.

Fronczak Hall, Francis E.

Furnas Hall, Clifford C.

Goodyear Residence Hall, Ella Conger

Governors Complex

Greiner Hall, William R.

Hadley Village

Harriman Hall, Lewis G.

Hayes Hall Annex A, Edmund B.

Hayes Hall Annex B, Edmund B.

Hayes Hall Annex C, Edmund B.

Hayes Hall Annex D, Edmund B.

Hayes Hall, Edmund B.

Helm Facility Warehouse, Samuel

Hochstetter Hall, Ralph

Howe Research Building, Lucien

HRD Building

Jacobs Executive Development Center

Jacobs Management Center

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Jarvis Hall, Gregory B.

Ketter Hall, Robert L.

Kimball Tower, Stockton

Knox Hall, Grace M.

Kunz Stadium, Walter

Libraries Annex

Lockwood Memorial Library

MacDonald Hall, Lillias M.

MacKay Heating Plant, Gerald F.

Main and Virginia Streets

Mathematics Building

Michael Hall, Edward

Murchie Family Fieldhouse

Natural Sciences Complex

North Campus

Norton Hall, Charles P.

O'Brian Hall, John Lord

Park Hall, Julian

Parker Hall, Karr

Pfeifer Theatre, Sidney B.

Pharmacy Building

President's Residence, 186 LeBrun Road

President's Residence, 889 LeBrun Road

Pritchard Hall, Mearl D.

Research Institute on Addictions

Ridge Lea Campus

Ross Eye Institute, Ira G.

Rotary Field

Schoellkopf Hall

Sherman Hall Annex, Dewitt

Sherman Hall, DeWitt

Slee Hall

Solar Strand

South Campus

South Lake Village

Squire Hall, Daniel H.

Statler Commissary, Ellsworth M.

Student Union

Talbert Hall, Mary B.

Townsend Hall, Harriet A.

UB Commons

UB Stadium

University Bookstore

Washington and Seneca Streets

Wende Hall, Grover W.