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Composer's Eye: Morton Feldman, George Gershwin, Paul Hindemith, Arnold Schoenberg, Edgard Varèse

"Summary of exhibit written by Olivia Mattis and curated by Steven Gerber about five composers with deep connections to the visual arts: Paul Hindemith, Edgard Varèse, Morton Feldman, George Gershwin and Arnold Schoenberg."

Feldman (Morton) Collection of Audio Recordings, circa 1966-1993 (Mus. Arc. 2.2)

The Morton Feldman Collection of Audio Recordings contains recordings from his personal collection of his works, events such as his memorial service, and works by other composers.

Feldman (Morton) Images by Jan Williams, 1974-1979 (Mus. Arc. 2.3)

The Morton Feldman Images by Jan Williams date from concert tours made by Morton Feldman and the University at Buffalo's Creative Associates in 1974, 1977, and 1979.

Feldman (Morton) Papers, 1950-1999 (Mus. Arc. 2.1)

The Morton Feldman Papers comprise personal and business correspondence, writings by and about Feldman, clippings, programs, and photographs.

Fesenmaier (Helene) Collection of Morton Feldman Correspondence, 1965-1977 (Mus. Arc. 2.5)

Collection of six manuscript letters written by Morton Feldman to Helene Fesenmaier and an annotated typescript of Feldman's article, The Anxiety of art. Note that digital copies are linked from the finding aid.

Morton Feldman Resources

Guide to holdings by and about Morton Feldman in general collections and archival collections, including books, scores, recordings, and audio.

Morton Feldman: A Celebration of His 80th Birthday

Summary of exhibition held in the University at Buffalo Music Library, June 1-Sept. 15, 2006: A brief biographical sketch of composer Morton Feldman, documented with photographs, scores, and letters from the collection of the Music Library, The State University of New York at Buffalo.

Peters (C. F.) Collection of Morton Feldman Manuscripts, 1962-1969 (Mus. Arc. 2.4)

The collection consists of 79 works by Morton Feldman in either score or part formats (72 scores; 7 sets of parts). All but one item are ink manuscripts on vellum. These served as the masters that previous hit Feldman submitted to C. F. Peters and Peters published directly from these masters. Almost all of the manuscripts are in Morton Feldman's hand, except for two scores copied by John Cage and three items in the hand of a music copyist.

Slee Lecture Recital Recordings, 1956-1980 (Mus. Arc. 62)

Recordings of the Slee Lecture Recital series, including lectures by Istvan Anhalt, Luciano Berio, Harrison Birtwistle, Carlos Chavez, David Diamond, Morton Feldman, Aaron Copland, Alexei Haieff, Lejaren Hiller, Betsy Jolas, Mauricio Kagel, Leon Kirchner, Nicolas Nabokov, Luis de Pablo, Daniel Pinkham, Henri Pousseur, George Rochberg, Ned Rorem, Allen Sapp, Leo Smit, and Virgil Thomson. 52 of the 76 concerts were recorded.