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University at Buffalo Music Department Oral History Recordings (Mus. Arc. 77)

Compiled from local collections, including Sharon G. Almquist's interviews used for her thesis, copies of recordings made by Alan Green for his biography of Allen Sapp, recordings about the history of the University at Buffalo Music Library, and recordings about figures in local Buffalo music history.

University at Buffalo Music Library Collection of Wire Recordings, circa 1946-1954 (Mus. Arc. 73)

Contains 18 reels of wire recordings with content presumably recorded from radio broadcasts.

University School Songs: 1903-2008

Summary of exhibition curated by Jason Imbesi held in the University at Buffalo Music Library, May 20, 2008- August 14, 2009. This exhibit provides some historical background on the University's songs: the alma mater, fight songs, hymns, marches, and songs associated with specific schools of the university. The composers and lyricists of these songs include university faculty, staff, and students, as well as locally and nationally known composers. The exhibit also provides brief biographical information about many of the composers.