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Gearhart (Livingston) Collection of Photographs, 1896-1949 (Mus. Arc. 23.3)

The collection contains 108 photographs from the personal collection of composer, arranger, and pianist, Livingston Gearhart. They include photographs of Nadia Boulanger and her summer class of 1938, Gearhart and his first wife, Virginia Morley at Mills College in California, with composer Darius Milhaud and his family, and the Budapest String Quartet. The collection also includes four photographs of composer Johannes Brahms in 1896.

Gearhart (Livingston) Collection of Scores, 1930-1996 (Mus. Arc. 23.2)

The Livingston Gearhart Collection of Scores contains compositions and arrangements by Gearhart in published and manuscript forms, as well as sketches and incomplete works. It also contains published scores by other composers annotated by Gearhart.

Gearhart (Livingston) Papers, 1933-1997 (Mus. Arc. 23.1)

The collection of Livingston Gearhart Papers contains prose writings, vitae, correspondence, teaching materials, programs, and clippings.

Gearhart (Livingston) Recordings, 1949-2001 (Mus. Arc. 23.4)

The collection of Livingston Gearhart Recordings contains reel to reel and cassette tapes, compact discs, and LPs containing music composed or arranged by Livingston Gearhart.

Gearhart (Pamela) Collection of Photographs (Mus. Arc. 33.1)

The Pamela Gearhart Collection of Photographs includes images of Pamela Gearhart and casual snapshots of other musicians, including Livingston Gearhart, Alexander and Mischa Schneider, and Skitch Henderson.

Gearhart (Pamela) Papers, 1956-1993 (Mus. Arc. 33)

The Pamela Gearhart collection contains a biographical summary, curriculum vitae, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and programs.

Grètry, Andrè opera scores

A collection of twenty-nine scores, (twenty-five full scores and four vocal scores) for operas by the French composer André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813). Includes early editions published during Grétry's lifetime, editions published shortly thereafter by Jenny Grétry, seven volumes from the J. Frey edition published on subscription in