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Sahl (Michael) Score Collection, 1953-2006 (Mus. Arc. 41)

The collection contains 42 manuscript scores, many of them reproductions by photocopy or ozalid, and 3 compact discs containing mp3 audio files of 10 works.

Sapp (Allen) Papers (Mus. Arc. 11.2)

Contains papers documenting the life and career of composer and administrator, Allen Sapp, including correspondence, personal records, concert programs, and clippings.

Sapp (Allen) Score Collection, circa 1936-1992 (Mus. Arc. 11.1)

The Allen Sapp Score Collection contains 343 folders of manuscript and holograph scores of works composed by Allen Sapp. The collection also contains some of Sapp's drafts, outlines, and twelve-tone row forms and matrices; as well as exercises, analysis, and arrangements of other composer's works completed while at Harvard University.

Schieder's (Hilda) Drum Corps Records, 1938-1940 (Mus. Arc. 61)

The records of Hilda Schieder's Drum Corps include meeting minutes, its constitution and bylaws, business correspondence, and three black and white photographs.

Schneider (Mischa) Collection of Test Pressings, circa 1940-1980 (Mus. Arc. 64)

The Mischa Schneider Collection of Test Pressing Recordings contains fifty-one sound recordings on 12-inch discs. The content includes eighteen recordings of performances by the Budapest String Quartet and twelve recordings issued by the Marlboro Recording Society.

Sigel (Allen) Collection of Scores, 1946-1998 (Mus. Arc. 32)

The Allen Sigel Collection of Scores, 1946-1998 contains approximately 27 compositions by Allen Sigel. Many of them are present in multiple versions. There are also ten works by other composers in arrangements by Sigel and three of his didactic works for clarinet.

Slee (Frederick Caldecott) Collection of Manuscript Scores, 1890-1954 (Mus. Arc. 12.1)

The collection contains scores and parts of original compositions and arrangements by Frederick Slee. It also includes transcriptions of works by composers such as J.S. Bach, Mozart, and Haydn, as well as a lesson for recorder.

Slee Family Collection, 1893-1981 (Mus. Arc. 12.2)

Collection contains clippings, obituaries, correspondence, eighteen photographs of Alice and Frederick Slee, family, and friends, writings by Frederick Slee, documents about the Slee Bequest to the University of Buffalo, concert programs, and a log of a twenty-one day sailing trip undertaken by Frederick Slee and two friends in 1914. The log details their adventures along the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

Slee Lecture Recital Recordings, 1956-1980 (Mus. Arc. 62)

Recordings of the Slee Lecture Recital series, including lectures by Istvan Anhalt, Luciano Berio, Harrison Birtwistle, Carlos Chavez, David Diamond, Morton Feldman, Aaron Copland, Alexei Haieff, Lejaren Hiller, Betsy Jolas, Mauricio Kagel, Leon Kirchner, Nicolas Nabokov, Luis de Pablo, Daniel Pinkham, Henri Pousseur, George Rochberg, Ned Rorem, Allen Sapp, Leo Smit, and Virgil Thomson. 52 of the 76 concerts were recorded.

Slee Visiting Professor in Music Papers (Mus. Arc. 72)

Collection contains photocopies of correspondence to and from composers being considered for the position of Slee Visiting Professor in Music in the University at Buffalo Music Department.

Smit (Leo) Interviews with Tina Pelikan, 1992 (Mus. Arc. 6.5)

The Leo Smit Slide interviews consist of 9 90-minute cassettes recorded by Tina Pelikan and Leo Smit in November 1992.

Smit (Leo) Papers, 1939-2000 (Mus. Arc. 6.2)

The Leo Smit Papers comprise works lists compiled by Leo Smit, articles written by Smit, personal correspondence (chiefly photocopies of letters from Aaron Copland), programs, reviews, and lecture materials.

Smit (Leo) Photograph Collection, ca. 1926-1999 (Mus. Arc. 6.3)

Chiefly black and white photographs documenting Leo Smit's life and career in music.

Smit (Leo) Score Collection, circa 1940-1998 (Mus. Arc. 6.1)

The collections consists of 104 scores by Leo Smit, principally in copies of holographs. There are also another 42 items arranged or transcribed by Smit, inscribed to or by Smit, scores marked for performance by Smit, and miscellaneous scores.

Smit (Leo) Slide Collection, circa 1966-1991 (Mus. Arc. 6.4)

The Leo Smit Slide Collection contains approximately 13,705 35 millimeter slides taken by American composer, Leo Smit. The contents include images of notable musicians, images used in his lecture recitals, and images taken during his many journeys in the United States and abroad, including Central and South America, Italy, and various other European countries.