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Abbott (Charles) collection

Adam (Helen) collection

Aerial collection

Alcheringa collection

Allegany Mountain Press collection

Allen (Donald) collection

Alpha Beat collection

Anderson (TJ) papers

Athanor collection

Baird (Ansie) papers

Barone (Dennis) collection

Basilisk Press collection

Basinski (Michael) papers

Becker Goetz (Philip) manuscripts

Bellevue Press collection

Benedikt (Michael) papers

Berrigan (Ted) notebooks

Bertholf (Robert J.) collection

Blonstein (Anne) collection

Boone (Bruce) papers

Boss collection

Bouliane (Gabrielle) collection

Boultenhouse (Charles) papers

Bronk (William) collection

Broughton (James, Hamilton and Mary Tyler collection of) letters and manuscripts

Buckle collection

Bukowski (Charles), Ross Runfola collection on

Bunting Pickard collection

Butterick (George) papers

Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Art (CEPA) collection

Chain collection

Cohen (Joel S.) / The Sticker Dude and Ragged Edge Press collection

Cole (Norma) collection

Connolly (Thomas) correspondence

Contemporary manuscripts collection

Coolidge (Clark) collection

Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines records

Corbett (William) collection

Corman (Cid) letters to John Martone

Cox (Kenneth) collection

Credences collection

D'Archangelo (Alan) collection

Daniels (David) collection

De Vries (Rachel Guido) correspondence with Diane di Prima, Lyn Lifshin, and Marge Piercy

Dennis (Carl) papers

Dorn (Alfred) collection

Dorn (Edward) Collection

Drafting collection

Duncan (Robert) collection

Earth's Daughters collection

edwards (kari) collection

Ellingham (Lew) collection

Enslin (Theodore) collection

Ernst (K.S.) collection

Etlinger (Amelia) collection

Federman (Raymond) collection

Feldman (Irving) papers

Fire Exit collection

First Intensity collection

Frontier Press collection

Galing (Ed) collection

George (Emery) collection

Gladwell (F.E.) collection

Glazier (Lyle) and Lysander Kemp collection

Glover (Albert) papers

Grady (Panna) collection

Graves (Robert) collection

Graves (Robert), Carmen Álvarez Feldman bust of

Hallwalls collection

Hammer (Mark) collection

Hammond (Mac) collection

Hand and Flower Press collection

Handwritten Press collection

Happiness Holding Tank collection

Haymes (G.C.) Skymail collection

Hogan (Paul) collection

Holder (Doug) papers

Hollo (Anselm) collection

Horvath (Alan) collection

Huggett (Colin) Jeremy Reed collection

Intent / John Clarke collection

Intrepid collection

Italian Visual Poetry collection

Jacobus (Harry) collection

Jargon Society collection

Jarnot (Lisa) collection

Jenkins (Oliver) collection

Joyce (James) collection

Just Buffalo collection

Kavyayantra collection

kayak collection

Kelly (Robert) collection

Keppel (Charles) collection

King (Martha) collection

Kiosk collection

Krupskaya collection

Larsson (Raymond Ellsworth) collection

Laughlin (James) collection

Lavin (Stuart R.) Four Zoas collection

Levertov (Denise, Mark Pawlak collection on)

Lewis (Wyndham) collection

Literary Arts Committee of the University Union Activities Board (UUAB) records

Logan (John) collection

Lost & Found Times collection

Luster (Helen) collection

Mail Art @ Buffalo

Manroot / Paul Mariah collection

Mantis (Peter) collection on Kenneth L. Beaudoin

Martin (Herbert) collection

Matthews (William) collection

Mazzaro (Jerome) papers

Mead (Gerald C., Jr.) collection

Meadows (Deborah) collection

Meow Press collection

Mew (Charlotte) collection

Meyer (Tom) collection

Mica collection

Middleton (Richard) collection

Montague (John) collection

Moody Street Irregulars collection

Moore (A. Doyle) collection

Mutated Viruses Press collection

Name collection

Niagara Erie Writers collection

Osiris collection

Ostroff (Anthony) collection

P22 collection

Palmer (Michael) collection

Paunch Magazine records (Art Efron)

Phoenix collection

Phylum Press records

Pressler (Charlotte) collection

Prevallet (Kristin) Helen Adam research papers

Rain Dog collection

Ray (David) collection

Rexroth (Kenneth) collection

Roberts (Len) collection

Rosen (Aaron) papers

Sand Dollar collection

Score collection

Seymour-Smith (Martin) collection

Sher (Gail) collection

Shurin (Aaron) collection

Silverman (Herschel) collection

Slipstream collection

Small Press collection

Smelt Money collection

Some collection

Spinelli (Martin) collection

Stahl (Jayne Lyn) collection

Stoloff (Carolyn) collection

Stone Soup / Jack Powers collection

Switala (Tim) collection

Sylvester (William) collection

Tall (Emily) James Joyce collection

Tedlock (Dennis) collection

The League to Support Poetry collection

The Poetry Collection’s Audio Archive Project

Thomas (Dylan), Collection on

Todd (Ruthven) collection

Toeman (E.A.) collection

Townsend (Cheryl) / Impetus Press collection

Truck collection

Unbearables collection

Untermeyer (Jean Starr) collection

Victor E. Reichert Robert Frost collection

Walker (Ted) collection

Walsh (Joy) collection

Warren (Kenneth) collection

Weinman (Paul) collection

Wells (Peter) collection

White Pine Press collection

Wickert (Max) papers

Widershien (Marc) collection

Wilentz (Elias) collection

Williams (Gil) collection

Williams (William Carlos) collection

Wormwood Review collection