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Love Canal Collections

Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier Records, 1946-1995, MS 65

The Ecumenical Task Force documents scanned on this site were supported in part by a Library Services and Technology Act grant awarded to the Western New York Library Resources Council by the State Education Department of the University of the State of New York in 1998. (Please note: documents were scanned in 1998 and saved as low resolution gif images. Printing quality may vary).

Reports of the Ecumenical Task Force

  1. Progress Report: To Address the Love Canal Disaster: an interfaith response, March 1979 - August 1980 (125 pages)
  2. Progress Report II: To Address the Love Canal Disaster: an interfaith response, August 1980 - September 1981 (138 pages)
  3. Fundraising manual: Earthcare: Lessons from Love Canal: A Resource & Response Guide, March 1987 (178 pages)
  4. Annual Report, 1985-1986 (33 pages)
  5. Annual Report, 1986-1987 (29 pages)
  6. Annual Report, 1987-1988 (40 pages)

Testimonies of Love Canal Residents

  1. James L. Clark (Clark's section from the "Testimony of Anne Hillis and Jim Clark"), March 28-29, 1979 (9 pages)
  2. Loretta Gambino, April 5, 1979 (2 pages)
  3. Lois M. Gibbs, March 21, 1979 (15 pages)
  4. Anne Hillis (Hillis's section from the "Testimony of Anne Hillis and Jim Clark"), March 28-29, 1979 (7 pages)
  5. Anne Hillis, May 3, 1979 (4 pages)
  6. Luella Kenny, April 2, 1979 (4 pages)
  7. Luella Kenny, May 21, 1980 (4 pages)
  8. Eileen Matsulavage, April 5, 1979 (14 pages)
  9. Grace M. McCoulf, April 5, 1979 (3 pages)
  10. Marie Pozniak, May 3, 1979 (5 pages)

Newspaper Coverage

  1. Niagara Gazette

Other Progress and Status Reports

  1. Status report by the Love Canal Relocation Task Force, August 1, 1980 (46 pages)
  2. Report of Governor's Panel to Review Scientific Studies and the Development of Public Policy on Problems Resulting from Hazardous Wastes, October, 1980 (52 pages)
  3. Love Canal Chronological Report by the Love Canal Homeowners Association, April 1978 to January 1980 (37 pages)
  4. A Special Report to the Governor and Legislature by the New York State Department of Health, April 1981 (73 pages)
  5. Report on the New York State Subcommittee on Hazardous Waste, undated (114 pages)

Reports on Chemical Testing and Environmental Health Hazards

Environmental Protection Agency Testing

  1. Report: Chemical Waste at Love Canal, October 18, 1977 (13 pages)
  2. Draft report: Analysis of a Groundwater Contamination in Niagara Falls, New York, July 28, 1978 (60 pages)
  3. Final report: Quantification of Toxic Material in Ambient Air at "Old Love" Canal, circa 1978 (40 pages)
  4. Final draft: Love Canal Information Document, Love Canal Remedial Action Program, April 9, 1982 (78 pages)
  5. Environmental Monitoring at Love Canal, volume 1, May 1982; includes an abstract and overrview. (318 pages)


  1. Health Hazards at Love Canal: testimony of Dr. Beverly Paigen, March 21, 1979 (21 pages)
  2. Conference paper: The Love Canal: A Sociologist's Perspective by Adeline Levine, March 16, 1979 (20 pages)
  3. Draft paper: Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in the Love Canal Area by Nicholas J. Vianna et al., April 1980 (37 pages)
  4. Booklet: The Other Side of Love Canal: Facts vs. Fallacies, presentation made by Hooker Chemical and Occidential Chemical Corporation to the financial community, July 1980 (24 pages)
  5. Love Canal: a Bibliography compiled by Marja I. Hart and Joseph C. Umhauer, Science and Engineering Library, State University of New York at Buffalo, June 1981 (106 pages)
  6. Final report for the Federal Emergency Management Agency: Love Canal: The Social Construction of Disaster by Martha Fowlkes and Pat Miller, October 1982 - January 1983 (156 pages)


  1. Habitability of the Love Canal Area: An Analysis of the Technical Basis for the Decision on the Habitability of the Emergency Declaration Area -- A Technical Memorandum, (NTIS report #PB84-114917), June 1983. (62 pages)
  2. Love Canal Emergency Declaration Area Proposed Habitability Criteria, November 1985 (842 pages)
  3. New York State Department of health: Technical Review Committee transcripts of meetings on the "Matter of Meeting Concerning Determination of Criteria and Strategy Having to do with Habitability of Love Canal" Meeting #1, March 14, 1984 (169 pages)  Meeting #2, undated (partial transcript) (161 pages) Meeting #3, May 3, 1984 (236 pages)  Meeting #4, June 29, 1984 (306 pages)  Meeting #5, July 26, 1984 (321 pages)  Meeting #6, September 26, 1984 (303 pages)  Meeting #7, November 14, 1984 (324 pages)

Legislation and Public Policies

ETF Legislative Files

  1. Letter from New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams to Governor Hugh Carey explaining that grounds exist for lawsuits on toxic waste sites, April 23, 1979 (6 pages)
  2. ETF Telegram to President Jimmy Carter, May 19, 1980 (1 page)

New York State Legislative Hearings

  1. Public hearing transcript: New York State Assembly, Committee on Environmental Conservation hearing on the future uses of the Love Canal land, February 17, 1983 (701 pages)
  2. Public hearing transcript: Status of Hazardous Dump Sites and Toxic Substance Regulation in New York State, May 3, 1979 (303 pages)
  3. ublic hearing transcript: New York State Assembly hearing on toxic wastes, May 10, 1979 (230 pages)
  4. Public hearing transcript: New York State, "Status of Hazardous Waste Dump Sites and Toxic Substance Resolution in New York State", May 11, 1979 (209 pages)
  5. Public hearing transcript: New York State Assembly hearing on toxic waste, May 17, 1979 (192 pages)
  6. Hearing transcript: State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Interagency Task Force on Hazardous Wastes report on inactive hazardous waste disposal sites, October 1979 (104 pages)

Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency (LCARA) Records, 1980-2003, MS 74

Penelope D. Ploughman Love Canal Collection, 1978-1994, MS 100

Adeline Levine Love Canal Research Materials, Part I. 1953-1981, 22/3F/634

Adeline Levine Love Canal Research Materials, Part II. 1980-1991, 22/3F/1113

Love Canal Repository Grant records, 1978-2002, MS 89

Lynn Corcoran “In Our Own Backyard, the First Love Canal” Collection,1979-1982, MS 158

Lester W. Milbrath Environmental Issues Papers, 1971-1990, 22/7F/668

Full-Text Articles from the Niagara Gazette

A selection of full-text articles on Love Canal, originally published in the Niagara Gazzette. Republished with permission.