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First Intensity collection

The First Intensity Collection contains the editorial correspondence for Lee Chapman's literary magazine from 1992 to 2007. Correspondence contains poetry submissions, page proofs, reviews, and articles from poets featured in First Intensity.
First Intensity, a magazine of new writing, was edited and published by artist Lee Chapman from Summer 1993 to Winter 2008, out of Lawrence, Kansas. The title First Intensity comes from Vorticism by Ezra Pound, which reads: "The work of art which is most 'worth while' is the work which would need a hundred works of any other kind of art to explain it... Such works are what we call works of the 'first intensity.'" The magazine's twenty-two issues include artwork, poetry, short stories, and reviews, and published such authors as Robert Kelly, Larry Eigner, Diane Di Prima, Nathaniel Tarn, John Taggart, Theodore Enslin, Rochelle Owens, Elizabeth Robinson, John Olson, Dallas Wiebe, Kent Johnson, Forrest Gander, Nathaniel Mackey, Barry Gifford, Vincent Ferrini, Hoa Nguyen and others. First Intensity Press continues with occasional books.