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Fire Exit collection

This collection contains material related to the magazine Fire Exit (1967-1975), edited and published by William Corbett for four numbered issues and related broadsides, including correspondence and submissions from 1955-1992; production material for issues 1-4; and William Corbett's personal manuscripts, notebooks, and ephemera.
William Corbett (1942-), long-time resident of Boston's South End, is an educator, poet, critic, editor, and publisher. Corbett has taught at many institutions in Boston including Harvard and Maryland Institute of Technology and was an active member of Boston's literary scene before relocating to New York City, bringing poets associated with the New York School to the Boston-Cambridge area for readings. Along with editing Fire Exit (1968-1974), Corbett was also coeditor of The Boston Eagle (1973-1974), and is the editor of Pressed Wafer (1999-).