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Earth's Daughters collection

Earth's Daughters Collection, 1969-2015, contains materials related to the production of the magazine. The bulk of the material is submissions by poets. Other material includes correspondence, editorial business, financial records, grant applications, distribution records, production material, submission records, subscription records, art and ephemera.

Beginning its publication in 1971, Earth's Daughters is the oldest continuously published feminist arts journal in the country. Its mission is to publish work that focuses on the experience and creative expression of women. The magazine was founded in Buffalo, New York by three editors, Judith Kerman, Lillian Robinson, and Elaine Rollwagen. The founding editors ran the magazine until 1975. Following the publication of Issue #5/6, the editors held a meeting of local women in the arts to determine the new leadership of the magazine. Judith Kerman suggested that the women present at the meeting run the magazine as a collective, an editorial format that the magazine still utilizes in 2015.