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Hallwalls collection

The Poetry Collection is the repository of the records of the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. These records document the first thirty years of the Center's activity. Included are administrative and curatorial records, events calendars and publicity materials as well as photographs, slides and videos.

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center was founded in 1974. Among the artists credited with founding the organization are Charles Clough and Robert Longo. Their intent was to create an artist-run space to serve three primary functions: (a) to educate local artists and the public in new art forms; (b) to encourage and develop the careers of local artists; and (c) to devise ways to help emerging artists throughout the country by exhibiting and presenting their work.

The gallery began in a turn-of-the-century brick icehouse with adjacent residential space, located on Essex Street on Buffalo's West Side . From these facilities Clough, Longo and their colleagues presented many exciting and important exhibitions and performances. For example, during its first year visiting artists included: Vito Acconci, Chris Burden, Bruce Boice, Marcia Haff, Robert Irwin, Lucy Lippard, Richard Serra, and Barbara Schwartz. Since 1974, programming was further developed to include presentation of interdisciplinary art forms, as well as music, video, film, performance/interdisciplinary theatre and literature.

For more information about Hallwalls history please see Consider the Alternatives: 20 Years of Contemporary Art at Hallwalls (1996).

A selection of images from the Hallwalls Slide Collection is now available as a Digital Collection.

An incomplete list of artist files in the Hallwalls records collection:

Ackerman, Chantal
Adams, John
Adams, Yura
Adlesic, James
Ahwesh, Margaret (Peggy)
Alcott, Todd
Alexander, Victoria see "Carter, Kevin and Victoria Alexander"
Alice B Theatre
The Alien Comic
Allen, Barbara; includes photograph
Allyn, Jerri
Altenhaus, Adrienne
Anderson, Jim
Anderson, Laurie
Anderson, Mark
Andres, Jo; includes photographs
Anna Banana
Antin, Eleanor
Apted, Micahel
Armstrong, Emily see "Ivers, Pat and Emily Armstrong"
Ashworth, Cat (Cat Ash); includes photographs
Bacher, Fritz; includes photographs
Baldwin, Craig
Ballonzoli, Joelle
Banyas, Susan
Beckman, Ericka; includes slides
Bellis, Mary; includes photographs
Bergeron, James; includes photograph
Beroes, Stephanie
Bewley, Jon; includes photograph
Bicknell, Virginia
Billingsley, Scott and Jospeh Nechvatal
Binion, Sandra
Bloom, Barbara
Blue Man Group
Blumenthal, Lyn; includes photographs
Bode, Peter
Bodrov, Sergei
Bogart, Anne
Bogosian, Eric; includes photograph
Boone, Mark see "Buscemi, Steve and Mark Boone Junior"
Bow Gamelan Ensemble
Brand, Bill
Brener, Tom
Bromberg, Betzy
Broussard, Rene
Burnett, Charles
Burnham, Linda see "Durland, Steve and Linda Burnham"
Burroughs, William
Burwell, Paul
Buscemi, Steve and Mark Boone Junior
Butalia, Pankaj
Butler, David; also includes information on Anthony Stanton and David Kane
Cabrera, David
Calder, Jim
Cale, David; includes photographs
Carolina, Ana
Carson, John; includes slides
Carter, Kevin and Victoria Alexander; includes photograph
Chadha, Gurinder
Chamberlain, Kent Clair
Champagne, Lenora; includes photographs
Cheng, Fu-ding
Christopher, John
Coggins, Chuck and Nicky Silver
Cokes, Tony
Colab Media / McFerran, Mary / Moore, Alan
Condit, Cecilia
Conrad, Tony
Cook, Kathy see Milwaukee Group
Couzin, Sharon and Other Chicago Filmmakers
Covan, Ellie – Dixon Place; includes slides
Curtay, J.P.
Cypis, Dorit Aya
Dancenoise (Lucy Sexton and Anne Iobst); includes photographs
Danielson, Rob
Darton, Eric and Scott Rossi
de Bruyn, Dirk
The Deadly Doris (Die tödliche Doris)
Deitch, Donna; "Desert Hearts"; includes photographs
Delimar, Vlasta and Vlado Martek
Denker, Amber
Dennis, Charles
Dercan, Chris
deVallance, Brendan
Dickenson, Paul see "Milwaukee Group"
Dougherty, Paul; includes photographs
Downey, Juan
Driver, Sara
Durland, Steve and Linda Burnham
Eichelberger, Ethyl; includes photograph
Eiferman, Lee
Elovich, Richard
Esguerra, Diane
Evans, Nancy; includes photographs
Export, Valerie
Fagin, Steve
Finley, Jeanne
The Flying Words Project (Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner); includes photographs
Foreman, Richard
Froot, Dan
Gajewski, Henryk
Gargoyle Mechanique
Gazit, Chana see "Steward, David"
Geiser, Janie; includes slides
Geller, Matthew and Kathy High
Gibbons, Joe
Glassman, Gary and Jonathan Borofsky
Goldberg, Whoopi
Gordon, Coco; includes photographs, slides, and a small sample of the artist’s work
Goss, John; includes slides
Gostik, Sheila; includes photograph
Graham, Dan
Gray, Spalding
Greenberger, David - The Duplex Planet; includes photograph
Grenier, Vincent
Griffin, Annie
Griffith, Katherine
Griffith, Steve; includes photographs
Grigsby, James
Haddow, Ian
Hahne, Marille
Hamos, Gustav and Astrid Heibach
Harrison, Julie
Hayman, R.I.P.
Heibach, Astrid see "Hamos, Gustav and Astrid Heibach"
Hemphill, Essex; includes photographs
Henry, Judith
High, Kathy see "Geller, Matthew and Kathy High"
High Risk Group
Hixson, Lin
Ho, Yuet-Fung
Houston-Jones, Ishmael; includes photographs
Hoyt, Dale; includes photograph
Huber, Michael; includes photographs
Hyena, Hank; includes photographs and slides
Iimura, Taka
Ivers, Pat and Emily Armstrong
Jackson, Homer; includes photograph
Jackson, Judith; includes photographs
Jannetti, Andrew; includes photographs
Jesionka, Henry
Jesurun, John
Jickets; includes photographs
Jones, Kim
Jost, John
K nectiv; includes photograph
Kane, David see Butler, David
Keegan, Tom and Davidson Lloyd; includes photographs
Kelley, Mike; includes photographs
Kelly, John (see also "Pyramid Club")
The Kipper Kids
The Kitchen
Klein, Terry
Klepper, Daniel; includes photographs
Komar, Vitali and Alex Melamid
Krall, Brandon
Kushner, Tony
Labat, Tony
LaMarre, Paul
Langenbach, Wm. Ray
Lambs Eat Ivy; includes photograph
La Palma, Marina
Legere, Phoebe; includes photographs
Lenin Limbo; includes photographs
Lent, Bill
Leslie, David
Little Jack Melody
Lloyd, Davidson see "Keegan and Lloyd"
Loose, Claudia see "Milwaukee Group"
Lubar, Cindy
Lypsinka; includes photographs
M. Raskin Stichting Ens
Martek, Vlado see "Delimar, Vlasta"
McCarthy, Paul
McFerran, Mary
Melamid, Alex see "Komar, Vitali and Alex Melamid"
Milwaukee Group – Claudia Loose, Paul Dickenson, Kathy Cook, and William Thayer
Mo, David
Mueller, Matthias (Alte Kinder)
Murray, Ian; includes photographs
Nechvatal, Joseph see "Billingsley, Scott and Jospeh Nechvatal"
Negrin, Albert Gabriel
On the Equator Productions
Ottinger, Ulrike
Pauline, Mark
Pilz, Michael
Red, Raymond
Reese, Marshall
Rose, Kathy
Rosenbach, Ulrike
Rossi, Scott see "Darton, Eric and Scott Rossi"
Sachs, Lynne
Sachs, Stephen
Sanborn, Keith
Sant, Gus van
Schaffer, Deborah
Schneiderman, Sarah see "Goss, John"
Shatavasky, Esther
Sherwood, Bill
Silver, Nicky see "Coggins, Chuck and Nicky Silver"
Smith, Jack
Soma, Andy see "deVallance, Brendan"
Sondheim, Alan
Stanton, Anthony see "Butler, David"
Steele, Lisa and Kim Tomczak
Stern, Peggy
Steward, David; also includes information on Chana Gazit
Steyermark, Alex
Straub, Jean-Marie
Sussler, Betsy
Szymanski, Carol; includes photographs
Die tödliche Doris see "The Deadly Doris"
Telscher, Klaus
Thayer, William see "Milwaukee Group"
Thomadahi, Katerina
Thornton, Leslie
Thornton, Leslie
Toledo, Sergio
Tomczak, Kim see "Steele, Lisa and Kim Tomczak"
Torture Chorus
Troyano, Ela
Ulbrich, Steffen
Ungerer, Walter
Varella, Willie
van Sant, Gus filed under "Sant, Gus van"
Video Out International Distribution
Von Trotta, Margarethe
Wagner, Sokhi
Wallace, Patty
Wallner, Martha
Walworth, Dan
Weiss, Andrea
Wilson, Robert
Wollen, Peter
Yonemoto, Bruce and Norman
Zucker, Adam

An incomplete list of films in the Hallwalls video collection:

HW00001 G1 Alpert in Iraq, 1991; Alternate title: News Diaries: Part 1
HW00002 G2 News in the Raw/Burned by the News, 1990; Alternate title(s): News Diaries Part 1 and 2, Part 1: News in the Raw, Part 2: Burned by the News; Part of the News Diaries series produced in Buffalo, NY by the 8mm News Collective.
HW00003 G3 News Diaries #2, 1990; Part of the News Diaries series produced in Buffalo, NY by the 8mm News Collective.
HW00004 G4 News Diaries #3, [date unknown]; Part of the News Diaries series produced in Buffalo, NY by the 8mm News Collective.
HW00005 G5 Death of the News/Brenda and Glenda at City Hall, [date unknown]; Alternate titles: Part 1: News Diaries #3/Death of the News, Part 2: Brenda and Glenda at City Hall.
HW00006 G6 Nose News Network, 1991; Produced in Buffalo, NY by the 8mm News Collective.
HW00007 G7 A Friend, [date unknown].
HW00008 G451 P4W, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Almost Charged with Insighting a Riot, 2. I was Only Kidding.
HW00009 G9 Where We Stand: Statements on Abortion, 1992; Alternate titles: Where We Stand, Video Statements for Abortion Project, Tape Two – Interviews.
HW00010 G8 Where We Stand: Statements on Abortion, 1992; Alternate titles: Where We Stand, Video Statements for Abortion Project, Tape One – Interviews.
HW00011 G10 Where We Stand: Statements on Abortion, 1992; Alternate titles: Where We Stand: Statements on Abortion - A Hallwalls Project, Tape Three.
HW00012 G11 The Red Tapes, 1977; Vito Acconci [filmmaker].
HW00013 G12 AIDS Awareness Day, 1989.
HW00014 G13 (In) Visible Women, [date unknown]; Marina Alverez and Ellen Spiro [filmmakers].
HW00015 G14 Trap, 1994; Garth Amundson [filmmaker].
HW00016 G15 Waveforms, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: Waveforms - Art Com (Programs 1&2), Alphabet (Characters), Alley by Alley.
HW00017 G16 Art Com, [date unknown].
HW00018 G17 Literacy on the Table, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Art in Unestablished Channels.
HW00019 G18 What's Wrong with this Picture, 1993; Alternate title: The Artists Rights Foundation Presents: “What's Wrong with the Picture” featuring Jack Lemmon.
HW00020 G19 Art, the Tattoo Man, [date unknown].
HW00021 G20 David Askizvold Compilation, 1969-1987.
HW00022 G21 Music with Roots in the Aether, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Robert Ashley's Music with Roots in the Aether 12 Music of Terry Riley.
HW00023 G22 We Interrupt this Program…Day Without Art, 1991.
HW00024 G23 Portrait of an Artist at Work: Cindy Sherman/TV America, [date unknown]; Part 1: Portrait of an Artist at Work: Cindy Sherman, Part 2: TV America by Michael Auder.
HW00025 G24 Fritz Bacher Tape, 1991; Alternate title: War in Progress, Work in Progress.
HW00026 G25 Remote Control: A Lumbering Event, 1986; Fritz Bacher [videomaker].
HW00027 G26 X-Mas; Middle Class; Epiphany; 1986; Fred Bacher [filmmaker].
HW00028 G27 Back Door: Pat Buchanan, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Back Door Footage: Pat Buchanan.
HW00029 G28 Bad Acting Compilation: Tape #1,1989; Titles on reel: 1. 6 O'Clock News, 2. Good Afternoon, 3. My Father and I Went Fishing, 4. Measure of Success, 5. The Myth of Fishes.
HW00030 G29 I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, 1990; David Baeumler [filmmaker].
HW00031 G30 The Forgetful Baby Killers, [date unknown]; David Baeumler [filmmaker].
HW00032 G31 Mad Cap World of Ed Bak [Compilation], 1986;Aalternate title: The Mad Cap World of Ed Bak: Narrative Movements.
HW00033 G32 Live Sluts! United Sluts of America Invade Buffalo, 1994; Arjay Baker, Carol Leigh/Scarlot Harlot [filmmakers].
HW00034 G33 Tattoo Needle Pricks, 1990; Joe Balass [filmmaker].
HW00035 G35 Burt Barr Compilation, 1986-1989; Titles on reel: 1. Ice, 2. The Dogs, 3. Trisha and Carmen, 4. With Special Thanks.
HW00036 G36 Cinderella: a Film by Ericka Beckman, 1986.
HW00037 G37 Blind Country, 1989; Ericka Beckman and Mike Kelly [filmmakers].
HW00038 G38 Belfast : September 16, 1989.
HW00039 G39 Believe it or Not, 1987; Astrid Heibach [filmmaker].
HW00040 G41 A Place Called Lovely, 1991; Sadie Benning [filmmaker].
HW00041   Judy Spots, 1995; Sadie Benning [filmmaker].
HW00042   Bent TV Goodies, [date unknown].
HW00043 G47 Bent TV: Show 18, October 1996.
HW00044 G48 Suture, 1994; Video documentation of the installation.
HW00045 G49 Suture, 1996; Alternate title: Suture or Clark & Julia J. Clarendon and the Next Best Thing to Being on the Dark Continent Itself; a psedo-documentary by Don Bernier.
HW00046 G50 Too Many Brains: The Jaques Lacan Story, 1985; Tony Billoni [filmmaker].
HW00047 G51 Lacan, Lacan, 1985; Dr. Tony Billoni, Psychiatrist, 1986.
HW00048 G52 Many Faces of Paper; Jay, Mainie Fights Back, 1989; Black Cat Collective [creators].
HW00049 G53 David Blair Composite Reel, [date unknown].
HW00050 G54 The Existentialist Cowboy's Last Stand, [date unknown].
HW00051 G58 Animal Migrations (and the Mediums they Face), [date unknown]; Peer Bode [videomaker].
HW00052 G57 Blue Man, [date unknown].
HW00053 G55 Dick Blau's Films and Performances, 1982-1985; 1. Helmet Act - 2. Up the Block One Sunday - 3. Fish Story - 4. Tintinnabula.
HW00054 G56 The Diamond Lane , 1985; Bloom, Barbara [filmmaker].
HW00055 G59 Artists' Studio After Braque (Conversation), 1988; Peer Bode [videomaker].
HW00056 G60 Peer Bode, Lynn Goldsmith, Paul Dougherty, [date unknown].
HW00057 G61 A Few More Magic Words, 1993; Peer Bode [videomaker].
HW00058 G62 They Saw Their Blood Flow: Testimonies from El Salvador 1990; Rosemary Bodolay, M. Giovagnoli [videomakers].
HW00059 G63 They Saw Their Blood Flow: Testimonies from El Salvador 1990; Rosemary Bodolay, M. Giovagnoli [videomakers].
HW00060 G64 Border Arts Workshop Compilation, [date unknown]; alternate titles: Border Arts Workshop, Taller de Artes Fronterizo, BAW-TAF Compilation.
HW00061 G65 Joan Does Dynasty, [date unknown]; Joan Braderman [videomaker].
HW00062 G66 Framing the Panthers in Black and White, 1990; alternate title: Dhoruba bin Wahad, the Black Panther Party and the FBI's Counterintelligence Program; Chris Bratton, Annie Goldson [videomakers].
HW00063 G67 Counterterror: the North of Ireland, 1990; Chris Bratton, Annie Goldson [videomakers].
HW00064 G68 Counterterror: Puerto Rico , [date unknown]; Chris Bratton, Annie Goldson [videomakers].
HW00065 G69 Seize Control of the Taj Mahal, 1991; alternate titles: The Brenda and Glennda Show, Brenda and Glennda Seize Control of the Taj Mahal; Brenda Sexual, Glennda Orgasm [videomakers].
HW00066 G70 Brenda and Glenda Show: Subway, [date unknown]; Brenda Sexual, Glennda Orgasm [videomakers].
HW00067 G71 Brenda and Glenda Show: City Hall, [date unknown]; Brenda Sexual, Glennda Orgasm [videomakers].
HW00068 G72 Fatboy Chronicles, 1997; alternate titles: Rene, Rene, Qu'est-ce-que-c'est?, The Boy with the Bugle, The Fatboy Chronicles Parts One and Two; Rene Broussard [videomaker].
HW00069 G73 What is the Relationship Between R.V.P. and the Male Strippers in San Francisco , [date unknown]; Jurgen Bruning [Videomaker].
HW00070 G74 Abortion Project on Channel 17, 1992.
HW00071 G75 LLAW, 1990; Penelope Buitenhuis [videomaker].
HW00072 G76 Buffalo Project, [date unknown].


G77 Burning Issues, [date unknown]; titles on reel: Burning Issues: 1. El Salvador , 2. Flo and Charlie; Buffalo Peace Center [producers].
HW00074 G78 Moth Light, 1989, Untitled: Movement, 1990; Timothy P. Cahill [videomaker].
HW00075 G79 Generation After Martial Law, [date unknown]; alternate titles: Will be Televised: The Generation After Martial Law, Will be Televised: Video Documents from Asia .
HW00076 G80 Richard, 1988; Tom Brener [videomaker].
HW00077 G81 Shu Lea Cheang Installation: 1 of 5, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker/artist].
HW00078 G82 Shu Lea Cheang Installation: 2 of 5, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker/artist].
HW00079 G83 Shu Lea Cheang Installation: 3 of 5, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker/artist].
HW00080 G84 Shu Lea Cheang Installation: 4 of 5, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker/artist].
HW00081 G85 Shu Lea Cheang Installation: 5 of 5, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker/artist].
HW00082 G631 Color Schemes, [date unknown]; Shu Lea Cheang [videomaker].
HW00083 G86 Global Assembly Line, 1986; alternate title: California News Reel: Global Assmbly Line.
HW00084 G87 Peter Callas Compilation Tape, 1987-1988.
HW00085 G89 Peter Callas Talk March 21, 1989.
HW00086 G90 Pressing, [date unknown]; Dik Campbell [videomaker].
HW00087 G91 Turning Toward Morning, [date unknown].
HW00088 G92 Animals, 1987; Ann Carlson [videomaker].
HW00089 G93 Castle Mon Amour - Is This Love, [date unknown].
HW00090 G94 Condom Sense, 1980; M. Castleman, J. Locker, S. Faigentaum [videomakers].
HW00091 G95 MAC-V, 1985 - The Housing Show, Candid Camera, Vermont Tenents, [date unknown].
HW00092 G96 Chittenden Community Television Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00093 G97 Dispatches: Shining Path, [date unknown].
HW00094 G98 Chile : Underground Video Magazine, 1987-1988; Tape 1 of 3.
HW00095 G99 Chile : Underground Video Magazine, 1987-1988; Tape 2 of 3.
HW00096 G100 Chile : Underground Video Magazine, 1987-1988; Tape 3 of 3.
HW00097 G101 CGI Demo Tape, 1987; Alternate titles: CGI Demo: House/Graphics/Spot.
HW00098 G102 Dance Frame, 1978; Doris Chase [videomaker].
HW00099 G103 Chix Stuff for Buffalo , [date unknown].
HW00100 G104 Say Bye Bye, [date unknown]; Phyllis Christopher [videomaker].
HW00101 G105 Dave Clark Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00102 G106 Jennifer Clark Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00103 G107 Cleveland Performance Art Festival, 1990; Alternate title: Cleveland Performance Art Festival Television Coverage.
HW00104 G108

Bottom Line, [date unknown]; Lori Cohen, Sally Kingsbury


HW00105 G109 Everything Was Nice, 1990; Michael J. Collins [videomaker].
HW00106 G110 Stan Coleman Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00107 G111 Second SsIiGtHeT, 1988; Alternate title: Second Sight; Michael J. Collins [videomaker].
HW00108 G112 Second SsIiGtHeT, 1988; Alternate title: Second Sight; Michael J. Collins [videomaker].
HW00109 G113 Committee for Labor Access, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Labor Beat.
HW00110 G114 An Immense Majority – Hello, 1987; Ted Conrad, Tony Conrad [videomakers].
HW00111 G115 Redressing Down - That Far Away Look - Vidi Vici, [date unknown]; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00112 G116 Reckoning with Retooling #2, 1985, 1977, 1984; Titles on reel: 1. Ipso Facto, 2. Cycles of 3's and 7's, 3. Unnecessary Fuss; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00113 G118 Buffalo Learning Television, [date unknown]; Alternate titles: B.L.T., Maine Alliance of Media Arts; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00114 G119 No Europe , 1990; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00115 G120 Authorized to Surrender: A Video Retrospective, 1977-1990; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00116 G122 Poetics of TV - Weak Bodies and Strong Wills - Come On In, 1986-1987; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00117 G123 Long-shot/run/dead - Lookers - Vidi Vici – Transformers, [date unknown]; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00118 G124 No Europe , 1990; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00119 G125 Redressing Down, 1988; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00120 G126 Studio of the Streets, [date unknown]; Alternate title: First Amendment Network; Brian Springer [videomaker].
HW00121 G127

That Far Away Look, 1988; VHS; Tony Conrad [videomaker].

HW00122 G128 That Far Away Look, 1988; 3/4 in.; Tony Conrad [videomaker].
HW00123 G129

In Line, 1986; Tony Conrad [videomaker].

HW00124 G130 Conquest of Phantoms, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Fritz.
HW00125 G131

Bust Up, 1989; Cathy Cook [filmmaker].

HW00126 G132 In Our Own Backyard, [date unknown]; Lynn Corcoran [videomaker].
HW00127 G133 Borderline Cases, 1997; Alternate title: Borderline Cases: Environmental Matters at the United States - Mexico Border; Lynn Corcoran [videomaker].
HW00128 G134 Cosby Kid, 1984.
HW00129 G135 Cosby Kid, 1984.
HW00130 G136 Conspiracies, [date unknown]; Victor Cotano [videomaker].
HW00131 G137 The East Kingdom, [date unknown].
HW00132 G138

Lutz Bacher, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Lutz Bacher Dub 2 of 3.

HW00133 G139 Cullyhanna: Report of the Public Inquiry, 1992; Alternate titles: Cullyhanna; Cullyhanna Justice Group.
HW00134 G140 Curiosities, [date unknown].
HW00135 G141 Dallas Video Festival, 1987: Alternate title: The Dallas Show.
HW00136 G142 Dallas Video Festival, 1988: Alternate title: The Dallas Show.
HW00137 G143 Dallas Video Festival, 1987: Alternate title: The Dallas Show.
HW00138 G144 Dallas Video Festival, 1988: Alternate title: The Dallas Show.
HW00139 G145 Dance Noise Sampler, 1986.
HW00140 G146 Tatoo, 1994; Peter Dudley [videomaker].
HW00141 G148 From Labor to Behavior, [date unknown]; Reel One; Rob Danielson [curator].
HW00142 G147

From Labor to Behavior, [date unknown]; Rob Danielson [curator].

HW00143 G149 Sin/Jam Performance, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Rob Danielson Performance Tape.
HW00144 G150 Opposite Effects, 1987; Rob Danielson [videomaker].
HW00145 G151 Opposite Effects, 1987; Rob Danielson [videomaker].
HW00146 G152 Rob Danielson Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Alternate titles: Documentation for Request “B”; #! #2, #3; Temporary Installations.
HW00147 G153 Reforming Welfare Bashing, 1992; Alternate titles: MATA Series; Open 24 Hours; Rob Danielson [videomaker].
HW00148 G154 Sense of Duty, 1986-1989; Alternate title: Sense of Duty (Section I); Rob Danielson [videomaker].
HW00149 G155 Sense of Duty, 1986-1989; Alternate title: Sense of Duty (Section 2); Rob Danielson [videomaker].
HW00150 G156

Sense of Duty, 1990; Rob Danielson [videomaker].

HW00151 G157 Day Without Art, 1993.
HW00152 G158 The Live Show, [date unknown]; Two DVD viewing copies available.
HW00153 G159 Fellini and Me, [date unknown].
HW00154 G160 One Year in a Life of Crime, 8/28/1989; Downtown Community Television Center [producers].
HW00155 G161 Sexual Politics and the Revolution - Fear of Disclosure: Mujeres Latinas, 1991.
HW00156 G163 Siempre Trabajando, 1992; Alternate titles: Siempre Trabajando: Latinos and Labor Program 2; La Historia de Todo Nostros (Our History); El Paro Va! (The Strike is On).
HW00157 G165

Unheard Voices: Beyond the Browning of America (1), 1992.

HW00158 G164

Unheard Voices: Beyond the Browning of America (2), 1992.

HW00159 G166 Unheard Voices: Beyond the Browning of America (3), 1992.
HW00160 G162 Two Spirits: Native Lesbians and Gays, 1992.
HW00161 G167 Los Angeles Video Activists (LAVA), 1992.
HW00162 G168 Palm Tree Video - Los Angeles , [date unknown]; Ed de la Torre [videomaker].
HW00163 G169 Ed. de la Torre Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. 8 Winds (1991), 2. Bites and Kisses (1991), 3. 10 Worlds (1988), 4. Self-Portrait in Landscape (1989); Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00164 G170 Nagasaki - Manly Yes, But I Like it Too, 1984-1985; Master ¾ in. copy; Amber Denker [videomaker].
HW00165 G171 Nagasaki - Manly Yes, But I Like it Too, 1984-1985; VHS copy; Amber Denker [videomaker].
HW00166 G172 Nagasaki - Manly Yes, But I Like it Too, 1984-1985; ¾ in. copy; Amber Denker [videomaker]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00167 G173

Consider Anything, Only Don't Cry, 1988; Helen DeMichiel [videomaker].

HW00168 G174 Martina's Playhouse, 1988; Peggy Awesh [filmmaker/videomaker].
HW00169 G175 How to be a Civil Right, 1994; Ghen Dennis [videomaker].
HW00170 G176 Quite A Problem...Sexual Harassment, 1990; Kathy Desmond [videomaker].
HW00171 G177

Really Fake, [date unknown]; Brendan de Vallance, Andy Soma


HW00172 G178 Out of Body Travel, [date unknown]; Richard Foreman [videomaker].
HW00173 G179 Jean Dicteau Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Alternate Title: Forbidden Moments in Video; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00174 G181 Television and the Channels of Culture, 1986 – 1989; Titles on reel: 1. Because of the Weather (Andrew J. Paterson; 04:00); 2. T.V. Eats (Jeanne Randolph; 04:00); 3. Twins (Christine Martin; 02:00); 4. Commercial (Jack Brown; 01:00); 5. Found Not Lost (Michael Balser; 06:00); 6. untitled (Andrea Ward; 01:00); 7. The Discontinuity Announcer (Sean Cubbitt; 19:00).
HW00175 G182 B. Sykes-Dietze Compilation Tape, 1978 – 1986; Titles on reel: 1. Kalyian (10:00); 2. Witness (02:10); 3. I Dream of Dreaming (04:00); 4. Electronic Dyasks.
HW00176 G183 Direct Effect, 1990.
HW00177 G184 Direct Effect Two, 1990; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00178 G185 Pansy Division: Live in San Francisco , [date unknown].
HW00179   Sarah Drury Compilation Tape, 1986-1988; Titles on reel: 1. Columbus Discovers America (1986; 08:00); 2. The Moving Story of Johnny Appleseed (1987; 15:00); 3. Virginia Dare's Vision (1988; 05:00).
HW00180 G186

Midwestern Skid Marks, [date unknown]; James Duesing/Lewis [videomakers].

HW00181 G187 Impetigo, [date unknown]; James Duesing [videomaker].
HW00182 G188 Beauty Becomes the Beast, [date unknown]; Vivienne Dick [videomaker].
HW00183 G189 Church on Fire, 1986; Hal B. Doc [artist/videomaker].
HW00184 G190 Jonas Dos Santos Compilation Tape, 1990 – 1993; Alternate titles: Eco Earth Survival; Jonas Dos Santos Performances and Installations : 1990-1993.
HW00185 G192 Hard Metals Disease, 1986; Created by Downtown Community Television.
HW00186 G193 Uncommon Sense: DuKKKe, [date unknown]; A Video Chain Letter.
HW00187 G194 Dyke TV: Episode III, 1993.
HW00188 G195 Marked As An Other, 1995; Wayne Draznin Sample Tape.
HW00189 G196 Enviromusic 1991 - Colorado River Watch Network, 1991; Jenny Clark [videomaker/producer].
HW00190 G198

Fiberspace: Inside the Superhighway, [date unknown]; Part Two.

HW00191 G199 Mary Magsamen Compilation Tape, 1995; Titles on reel: Petalling Solitary, The Red Shoes, Dear Diary; Mary Magsamen [videomaker].
HW00192 G200 The Woman Before Me, [date unknown]; Abe Frauvonreir [videomaker].
HW00193 G201 Abortion: Past, Present, Future, [date unknown].
HW00194 G202 Hypnotic Realities: The Introcduction of Clinical Hypnosis and Forms of Indirect Suggestion, 1976.
HW00195 G205 VALIE EXPORT Early 1970's Performances, 1968-1976, 1991; Additional titles: Remote, Remote; Korperaktionen; Floating Values (series).
HW00196   Unzuch, 1986; Alternate title: Floating Values: A Survey of Gendered Investigations; Valie Export [performance artist].
HW00197 G206 Robert Fanelli and Anne Wainer Compilation Tape, 1993.
HW00198 G207 I Made a Voodoo Doll of Betsey, 1988.
HW00199 G208 Focus on Women, [date unknown].
HW00200 G209 No Going Back: A Pro-Choice Perspective, April 1, 1989.
HW00201 G210 Kelly Feeney Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00202 G211

Un Chien Delicieux, [date unknown]; Ken Feingold [videomaker].

HW00203 G212 Involuntary Conversion, 1991; Jeanne C. Finley [videomaker].
HW00204 G213 Jeanne C. Finley Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Against a Single Match, the Darkness Flinches, 2. So You Want To Be Popular?
HW00205 G214 Gender Cruise on the Circle Line - Part One, 1991; Alternate title: The Brenda and Glenda Show.
HW00206 G215 Fictional Illustrations of Factual Events, 3/20/1985; Titles on reel: 1. I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla, 2. Deaf Dogs Can Hear, 3. Beyond the Times Forseen; Jeanne C. Finley [videomaker].
HW00207 G216 Water on the Moon, [date unknown]; Maureen Fleming [videomaker].
HW00208 G217 God Doesn't Want Your Money, 1986; Thomas P.Florek [videomaker].
HW00209 G218 Thomas P. Florek Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Last Night, 2. Say it, 3. 3/7/85, 4. Pledge of Allegience, 5. Thomas P.
HW00210 G219 Ilse Gassinger Compilation Tape, 1984-1989.
HW00211 G220

Mystery Date, [date unknown]; Barbara Golaszewski/Lucy Orlando [videomakers].

HW00212 G221 Safer Sex Shorts - Scars - The Helms Amendment, [date unknown].
HW00213 G222 Safer Sex Shorts, 1989; Titles on reel: 1. Something Fierce, 2. Midnight Snack, 3. Car Service, 4. Current Flow.
HW00214 G214 The Lake on the Other Side of the Story, [date unknown].
HW00215 G224 Snapp, [date unknown]; Alex Gelenser/Heather Conner [videomakers].
HW00216 G225 DHPG Mon Amour, 1989; Carl Michael George [filmmaker].
HW00217   Hamlet, NC: Our Jobs, Our Lives? [date unknown]; Charlene D. Gilbert [videomaker].
HW00218 G226 War, Taxes, and the Almighty Dollar, [date unknown]; Joseph Gray [videomaker].
HW00219 G227 AV-Ark Compilation Tape, 1991-1992.
HW00220 G228 Do You Know How to Play ‘ Dixie '? [date unknown]; Lisa Guido [videomaker].
HW00221 G229 A Private Joke (In a Public Place), 1987; Copy 1; Steve Griffith [videomaker].
HW00222 G230

A Private Joke (In a Public Place), 1987; Copy 2; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.

HW00223 G231 A Private Joke (In a Public Place ), 1987; Copy 3.
HW00224 G232 The Singing Sculpture, 1992; Philip Haas [filmmaker].
HW00225   Japan : Of Tradition and Change, [date unknown].
HW00226 G234 Stew (Program #7) - Milwaukee: Mysteries, Media & Madness, 12/17/1988; Martin Hallanger [videomaker].
HW00227 G235 Connecticut Papoose, [date unknown]; Ernie Gusella [videomaker].
HW00228 G236 Stew (Program #7), 1988; Martin Hallanger [videomaker].
HW00229 G237 Stew (Program #1), 1986; Martin Hallanger [videomaker].
HW00230 G238

Stew (Program #13), 1988; Martin Hallanger [videomaker].

HW00231 G239

Stew (Programs #7, #13), 1988; Martin Hallanger [videomaker].

HW00232 G240 EuroTop, 1991; Robert Hamilton [videomaker].
HW00233 G241 ACDEHNOPRST – HHHAAAAHHH, [date unknown]; Pamela Susan Hawkins [main credits].
HW00234 G242 Hope, 1994; Michelle Handelman/Momnte Cazazza [videomakers].
HW00235 G243 Flagburning Ceremony, 1990; VHS; Jim Hartel [videomaker].
HW00236 G244 Flagburning Ceremony, 1990; ¾ in.; Jim Hartel [videomaker].
HW00237 G245

The Invincible, 1985; Gusztav Hamos [Writer, Director].

HW00238 G246 Various Artist Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Featuring Julie Harrison, Hank Randolph, Cepeda/Cepedan[?], E Mitchell, and Squat Theater.
HW00239 G247 Final Desire, Inc., 1990; Lynn Hershman [videomaker].
HW00240 G248

Upstate Tech Net Working Workshop, 1987; Armin Henrich, Peer Bode [videomakers].

HW00241 G249 Last Rites, 1987; Armin Heurich [videomaker].
HW00242 G250

Chuck Solomon: Coming of Age, 1987; Marc Huestis, Wendy Dallas [videomakers].

HW00243 G251 A Formaldehyde, [date unknown]; Paul Silvertsen, Robert Hewitt [videomakers].
HW00244 G252 Hermaphrodite Fever, [date unknown].
HW00245 G253 Sha Sha Higby Compolation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Moon Puppets, 2. Sasadhara.
HW00246 G254 Ena's Adventure, 1987; Kathy High, Lee Eiferman [videomakers].
HW00247 G255 Not So Ancient History, 1990; Kathy High [videomaker].
HW00248 G256 Kathy High Compilation Tape, 1989, 1990.
HW00249 G257 Now What, 1985; Kathy High [videomaker].
HW00250 G258 High Risk Group Compilation Tape, 1990; Titles on reel: 1. No Comfort Here, 2. Basic High Risk, 3. New Danger.
HW00251 G259 Kathy High Compilation Reel, 1984,1985,1986.
HW00252 G260 Talk Show, 1983.
HW00253 G261 Kathy High Compilation Tape, 1984, 1989.
HW00254 G262 Reproductive Histories Update - Valuable on Our Own, 1988-1989; Chris Hill, Sylvie Poirier, Jacqueline Polonko [videomakers].
HW00255 G263 Chris Hill Compilation, 1988, 1989.
HW00256 G264 Bella Donna Poisoning, Masculinization of the Clitoris, and Other Complaints, 1988; Chris Hill, Barbara Lattanzi [videomakers].
HW00257 G265 Artpark Soap Opera Workshop, 1985.
HW00258 G266 El Gringo, 1989; Louis Hock [videomaker].
HW00259 G267 El Rancho Grande, 1986; Louis Hock [videomaker].
HW00260 G268 Winners Circle and La Migra, 1985; Louis Hock [videomaker].
HW00261 G269 Ann Hoffman (Master Tape), [date unknown].
HW00262 G270

A Bed of Black and White Roses, 1993; Lounett Holloway [videomaker].

HW00263 G271

Holly's Comets: Refractions, April 5, 1991.

HW00264   Homecomming, Sometimes I Am Haunted by Memories of Red Dirt and Clay, [date unknown].
HW00265 G272 Rhythm of the Road, 1989.
HW00266 G273 Home of the Future Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00267 G274 Home of the Future Compilation Tape, 1988.
HW00268 G275 Animate Objects, 1986; Carl Hoffman [videomaker].
HW00269 G276 Queers N' Steers - The Spy, 1992; part of the Ways in Being Gay film and video series presented by Hallwalls.
HW00270 G277 Electromagnetic Politics, [date unknown]; Robert Horwitz [videomaker].
HW00271 G278 Space City, [date unknown]; Andrew Horn, Robyn Brentano [videomakers].
HW00272 G279 Magic of Female Ejaculation, [date unknown]; House O' Chicks [videomakers].
HW00273 G280 The Clinic - The Helms Amendment, [date unknown].
HW00274   Dale Hoyt Workshop, [date unknown].
HW00275 G282 Dale Hoyt Workshop, [date unknown].
HW00276 G283 Over My Dead Body, 1983; Dale Hoyt [videomaker].
HW00277 G284 Complete Anne Frank, 1985; Dale Hoyt [videomaker].
HW00278 G285 Mako Idemitsu Compilation Tape, 1986-1987; Mako Idemitsu [videomaker].
HW00279 G286 Banana Man, 1982-1983; Mike Kelley [videomaker]; Additional copy HW00307.
HW00280 G287 I Want to Be You, 1993; Cheryl Jackson [videomaker].
HW00281 G288 CTABBAS, [date unknown]; Homer Jackson [videomaker].
HW00282 G290 Francis James Compilation Tape, 1990; Francis James [Film/Videomaker].
HW00283 G291 Seneca Tax Rights: Salamanca & Negotiations, [date unknown]; Alan Jamieson [videomaker].
HW00284 G292 Church in Your Home, September 1986; Eric M. Jensen [videomaker].
HW00285 G293

Pluriverse, [date unknown]; H. Jesionka, Peter Weibel [videomakers].

HW00286 G294 Daniel Jolliffe Compolation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00287 G295 White Water - Cinderella - The Diamond Lane, 1985, 1986; John Jesurun, Ericka Beckman, Barbara Bloom [video/film/performance artists].
HW00288 G296 Peter Jones, 1991; Titles on videocassette: Pete Jones Caturagus Rez, Pete Jones Caturagus Rez.
HW00289 G297 Not This NAFTA, [date unknown]; Bill Jungels [videomaker].
HW00290 G298 Border Arts Workshop - Taller de Artes Frontera, [date unknown]; Bill Jungels [videomaker].
HW00291 G299 Donna J. Kapa Compolation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00292 G300 Cowgirl - Appropriated Perception, [date unknown]; Donna J. Kapa [videomaker].
HW00293 G301 Touch Side, [date unknown]; Alternate title: Letters to Michael; David Keller [videomaker]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.


G302 John Knecht Compilation Tape, 1984-1987.
HW00295 G303 Soap, 1982; Deans Keppel [videomaker].
HW00296 G304 Detachable Penis - Gun Talk (Part 1), 1991, 1993; Richard Kern, Erik Saks [videomakers].
HW00297 G305 Absolute Quite: A Dialogue, April 1991; David Alan Kluft [videomaker].
HW00298 G306 Letter to the Next Generation, [date unknown]; James Klein [filmmaker].
HW00299 G307 Terry Klein Compilation Tape, 1984-1987.
HW00300 G308 Possible Fog of Heaven, 1993; John Knecht [videomaker].
HW00301 G309 Impermanent Firmament, 1991; John Knecht [videomaker].
HW00302 G310 John Kneller Compilation Tape 1996, 1992-1996.
HW00303 G311

Passing Fancy, 1992; Meg Knowles [videomaker].

HW00304 G312 A Part of the Gods, [date unknown]; Meg Knowles [videomaker].
HW00305 G313 Medicaid Milkshake Murders, [date unknown]; Meg Knowles, ACT-UP [videomakers].
HW00306 G314 Meg Knowles Compilation Tape, 1991, 1993.
HW00307 G315 Banana Man, 1983; Mike Kelley [videomaker]; Additional copy HW00279.
HW00308 G316 Der Riese (The Giant): Part One, [date unknown]; Michael Klier [videomaker].
HW00309 G317 Freedom of Information Tape One: Jean Seberg, 1980, 1988.
HW00310 G318 Milk Song, 1987; Barbara Kristaponis [videomaker].
HW00311 G319 Imperial's Ism, [date unknown]; Alex Kort, Thomasi Mcdonald [videomakers].
HW00312 G320 Rate Increase (Part Two), [date unknown]; Matt Carlos, Alex Kort [videomakers].
HW00313 G321 Weather Diary #4, 1988; George Kuchar [videomaker]; Copy 1.
HW00314 G322 Weather Diary #4, 1988; George Kuchar [videomaker]; Copy 2.
HW00315 G323 George Kuchar Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00316 G324 Weather Diary #4, 1988; George Kuchar [videomaker]; VHS copy.
HW00317 G325 Mayami: Between Cut and Action, 1987; Tony Labat [videomaker].
HW00318 G326 Tony Labat Compilation Tape, 1982-1985.
HW00319 G327 Challenge: P.O.V., 1982; Tony Labat [videomaker].
HW00320 G328 Mayami: Between Cut and Action, 1986,1987; Tony Labat [videomaker].
HW00321 G329 A Jar Full of Jam, 1988; Tony Labat [videomaker].
HW00322 G330 A Jar Full of Jam, 1988; Tony Labat [videomaker]; Copy 2.
HW00323 G331 Strikes, Lies and Videotape: Labor in the Media, [date unknown].
HW00324 G332 Labor Link TV Compilation, [date unknown].
HW00325 G333

Labor Link TV Compilation, 1988.

HW00326 G334 Video Objekt #1 and #2, 1988.
HW00327 G335 Ladies (On the Streets) Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00328   Jody Lafond, Ladies of the Lake Compilation , [date unknown]; Jody Lafond [videomaker].
HW00329 G339 A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall - Sub Master, 1990.
HW00330 G341 Latin American Video Compilation, [date unknown].
HW00331 G342 The Man on the Flying Trapeze - Homeopathic Study - SOMA I, 1985, 1987; Rob Danielson, Barbara Lattanzi [videomakers].
HW00332 G343 A Bed-time Story, 1990; Barbara Lattanzi [videomaker].
HW00333 G344 Barbara Lattanzi Video Compilation 1988-1996.
HW00334 G345 Unarmed Target, 1989; Barbara Lattanzi [videomaker].
HW00335 G346 Unbalancing the News: Parts One and Two, [date unknown]; Barbara Lattanzi [coordinating producer, co-editor], James Hartel [co-editor].
HW00336 G347 Unarmed Target, 1988, 1989; Barbara Lattanzi [videomaker].
HW00337   Mimes of Cruelty - Compilation Tape, 1985, 1987, 1988.
HW00338 G348 Barbara Lattanzi Compilation Tape, 1990-1993.
HW00339 G349 Dead from the Effects, 1987; Gina Latinovich [videomaker].
HW00340   Incidence of Storage Space, 1991; Maxwell's Dream, 1990; Art of Memory, 1987; Robert Lee, James Duesing, Woody Vasulka [videomakers].
HW00341 G350 Incidence of Storage Space, 1990; Robert Lee [videomaker].
HW00342 G351

Concerto for Violin, [date unknown]; Sang-In Lee [filmmaker].

HW00343 G352 In Public About AIDS, 1990.
HW00344   Albert and Jim - Omar and Edwin, [date unknown].
HW00345 G353 Lenin Limbo, Feb. 10, 1989.
HW00346 G354 Edge: Discrimination, 1991, 1992; Amy M. Liseowski [videomaker].
HW00347 G355 Policing the Bedroom Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00348 G356 FAT of the Land, 1995; Sarah Lewison, Niki Cousino [videomakers].
HW00349 G357 Tattoo, [date unknown]; Deb Levine [videomaker]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00350 G359 Talk Attacks, 1983; N. Ligorano , M. Reese [videomakers].
HW00351 G360 Ligorano and Reese: Installation, [date unknown]; N. Ligorano , M. Reese [videomakers/Installation Artists].
HW00352 G361 Bible Belt, [date unknown]; N. Ligorano , M. Reese [videomakers].
HW00353 G362 Reel to Real, [date unknown]; N. Ligorano , M. Reese [videomakers].
HW00354 G363 Dempsey Willard Marciano Mathews, [date unknown].
HW00355 G364 Poetry Video Show, [date unknown].
HW00356 G365 Cultural and Aesthetic History of Niagara River and Falls, August 19, 1987.
HW00357 G366 Loose Canons - A Compilation Tape, 1993, 1995; Yudi Sewraj, Monique Moumblow, Jinhan Ko [videomakers].
HW00358   The Void, the Outline, and the Arrow, 1999; Johnna MacArthur [videomaker].
HW00359 G367 Social Sciences 127, 1969; Danny Lyon [filmmaker].
HW00360 G368 LYPSINKA at La Ma Ma, June 2, 1987.
HW00361 G389 What's Expected of Me? [date unknown]; Theresta Mack [video/filmmaker].
HW00362 G370 Mactown Strip - Collection of Work, [date unknown].
HW00363 G371 After Dante, March 19, 1983; Ann Magnason [performance artist], Jamie Wilson [video documentor]; Copy 3.
HW00364 G372 After Dante, March 19, 1983; Ann Magnason [performance artist], Jamie Wilson [video documentor]; Copy 1.
HW00365 G373 After Dante, March 19, 1983; Ann Magnason [performance artist], Jamie Wilson [video documentor]; Copy 2.
HW00366 G374 Bud or Bush, 1992.
HW00367 G375 Simple Man, 1986; Dave Man [videomaker].
HW00368 G376 Mandala: World of the Mystic Circle , 1992.
HW00369 G377 Holy Terror, [date unknown]; Ira Manhoff [videomaker].
HW00370 G378 Arena, [date unknown].
HW00371 G379 Saint Joan of Arc - Saint Catherine of Siena , 1993; video documentation of an exhibit by sculptor Larissa Marangoni.
HW00372 G380 Bright Eyes, 1984; Stuart Marshall [videomaker]; Parts 1 and 2.
HW00373 G381 Bright Eyes, 1984; Stuart Marshall [videomaker]; Part 3
HW00374 G382 Ceilings Without Walls, 1995; Darrin Martin [videomaker/installation artist].
HW00375 G383 Aviatricks – Aviator, [date unknown]; Darrin Martin [videomaker].
HW00376 G384 Shredded Hopes: 1994 Mexican Elections; Copy 1.
HW00377 G385 Shredded Hopes: 1994 Mexican Elections; Copy 2.
HW00378 G386 Shtetl, [date unknown]; Part 3.
HW00379 G387 Shtetl, [date unknown]; Parts 1 and 2.
HW00380 G388 Portrait of Cindy Sherman, 1984.
HW00381 G390 Indian Blood, Dec. 3, 1988.
HW00382 G391 Lighthearted Nation, 1989; Jim McKay [videomaker].
HW00383 G392 Watch Me Now, 1983; Michael Marton [videomaker].
HW00384 G393 Attention Shoppers! [date unknown]; Jesse Drew, Miya Masaoka [videomakers].
HW00385 G394 We Are at the Beginning of Happiness, [date unknown]; D.H. Masson [videomaker].
HW00386 G395 Spring of Lies - Teddy Bear Club, 1992.
HW00387 G396 Spring of Lies: Buffalo Vs Operation Rescue, 1992.
HW00388 G397 Spring of Lies - Buffalo Vs Operation Rescues Operation Rescue, 1992; Submaster.
HW00389 G398 Teddy Bear Club, 1992.
HW00390 G399 Media Coalition for Reproductive Rights Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00391 G400

A Bed Time Story, 1990.

HW00392 G401 Export TV: Anatomy of an Electronic Invasion, [date unknown]; Monica Melamid [videomaker].
HW00393 G402 Gail Mentlik: Video Self-Portrait, 1992; Gail Mentlik [videomaker].
HW00394 G403 Gaile Mentlik: Video Self-Portrait, 1993; Gail Mentlik [videomaker].
HW00395 G404 Kruppelschlag, [date unknown].
HW00396 G405 Alex Meyer: Public Service Announcements, 1987; Alex Meyer [videomaker].
HW00397 G406 Alex Meyer: Public Service Announcements, [date unknown].
HW00398 G407

Beyond the Gift of Music, [date unknown]; Anne Meyers [videomaker/performer].

HW00399 G408 Dirty Business: Food Exports to the United States , 1990.
HW00400 G409 Watsonville on Strike - The Last Pullman Car, [date unknown].

Homogeneity, 1998; Lorri Millan, Shawna Dempsey [filmmakers].

HW00402 G410 Found Sound, May 21-22, 1983; Eric Miller [videomaker], Fred Wilson [sculptor], Jane Goldberg [dancer].
HW00403 G411

Second SsIiGtHeT – Stew, 1988; Michael J. Collins, Martin Hallanger [videomakers].

HW00404 G412 Newe Sogobia is Not For Sale, [date unknown].
HW00405 G413 Tematiche, 1995; Vincenzo Mistretta [filmmaker].
HW00406 G414 Gift of Life, 1995; Vincenzo Mistretta [filmmaker].
HW00407 G415 Everytown , USA , 1988; James Morgan [videomaker].
HW00408 G416 Americans Express Support for the Chinese Fight for Democracy, [date unknown]; James Morgan [videomaker].
HW00409 G417 The Misfits: 30 Years of Fluxus, 1993; Lars Movin [videomaker].
HW00410 G419 Kristine Mueller Compilation Tape, August 30, 1994; Kristine Mueller [artist/videomaker].
HW00411 G420 How Funny? 1989; Lee Murray [filmmaker].
HW00412 G421 Muse in the Schools: Bennett Park Montessori Drum and Dance Club, Feb. 5, 1995.
HW00413 G422 Muse in the Schools: Swing Into Spring 1995 (African and Caribbean Drumming and Dance Performance), May 6, 1995.
HW00414 G423 Mutant Kabuki Theatre, [date unknown].
HW00415 G424 News 101, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Future of Navajo Culture, 2. Looking Beyond Part 2, 3. Looking Beyond Part 1.
HW00416 G425 News 101, [date unknown]; 1. Four Day Week, 2. Gangs, 3. Teen Sex, 4. Smoking.
HW00417 G426 Martin and Osa Johnson Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00418 G427 News 101, July 17, 1992.
HW00419 G428 Loves Me, Loves Me Not, [date unknown]; Jeff Newitt [animator/videomaker].
HW00420 G429 Ex-Text Exit, 1985; Natasha Norelli [videomaker].
HW00421 G430 Faces of War, [date unknown].
HW00422 G431

Portrait of Somerville , June, 1988; Abigail Norman [videomaker].

HW00423 G432 A Day in the Life of Da Vinci High School, Spring 1989.
HW00424   The 90's, October 1989.
HW00425 G434 Ghoti, 1989-1990; Abigail Norman [videomaker].


G435 Dennis Oppenheim Compilation Tape One, 1970.
HW00427 G437 Dennis Oppenheim Compilation Tape Two, 1970.
HW00428 G436 Dennis Oppenheim Compilation Tape Four, 1971-1972.
HW00429 G438 Dennis Oppenheim Compilation Tape Five, 1970-1971.
HW00430 G439 Dennis Oppenheim Compilation Tape Six, 1971-1972.
HW00431 G440 Deborah Orloff Compilation Tape, 1991; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00432 G441 Florence Ormezzano Compillation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00433 G442 Glass Jaw, 1991; Michael O'Reilly [videomaker].
HW00434 G443 My Name is Allegany County, [date unknown]; Kevin O'Shaunghnessy [videomaker].
HW00435 G444

Allegany Co., [date unknown]; Kevin O'Shaunghnessy [videomaker].

HW00436 G445 My Name is Allegany County , 1993; Kevin O'Shaunghnessy [videomaker].
HW00437 G446 Diamond: The 8 Lights, 1986; Tony Oursler [videomaker].
HW00438 G449

Relatives, 1992; Tony Oursler, Contance De Jong

[videomakers/performance artists].

HW00439 G340

Audacious, 1995; Samantha Lang [filmmaker].

HW00439-1 G452 When Pigs Fly, [date unknown].
HW00440 G453 Die Mauer, 1989; Rotraut Pape [videomaker].
HW00441 G454 A Visit to Moskau, 1988; Rotraut Pape [videomaker].
HW00442 G455 A Visit to Moskau, 1988; Rotraut Pape [videomaker].
HW00443 G456 Paper Tiger Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. War, Oil & Power, 2. Operation Dissidence, 3. Getting Out of the Sand Trap, 4. Bring the Troops Home Now.
HW00444 G457 Paper Tiger Television Compillation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. Just Say NO! 2. Global Dissent , 3. War on the Home Front.
HW00445 G458 Paper Tiger Television Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. News World Order, 2. Manufacturing the Enemy, 3. Lines in the Sand.
HW00446 G459 Breathless, [date unknown].
HW00447 G460 Jennifer Bozick Compilation Tape, 1993; Jennifer Bozick [videomaker].
HW00448 G461 Drawing the Line at Pittston, [date unknown].
HW00449 G462 Malcom X Birthday March on the United Nations, [date unknown].
HW00450 G463 Felt Evidence: Jane Cottis and Anne Farnan Investigate Reproductive Technologies, [date unknown].
HW00451 G464 Felt Evidence: Jane Cottis and Anne Farnan Investigate Reproductive Technologies, [date unknown].
HW00452 G465 Just Say “Yes”: Kathy High Looks at Pharmaceutical Advertisements, [date unknown].
HW00453 G466 Born to be Sold: Martha Rosler Reads the Strange Case of Baby SYM, [date unknown].
HW00454 G467

Kill to Feed: The US/UN War in Somalia , [date unknown].

HW00455 G468 Boiling Point: Law and Order in San Francisco , [date unknown].
HW00456 G469 The Fair, 1992; Jackie Pardon [videomaker].
HW00457 G470

Parents as Partners: New Directions in Education, [date unknown].

HW00458 G471 Everybody's Elvis, [date unknown]; Pete Parisi [videomaker].
HW00459 G472 Sodom by the Sea - Alice and Lena , [date unknown]; Mary Patierno [videomaker]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00460 G473 Shelter Stories, 1990; Meryl Perlson [videomaker].
HW00461 G474 Nick Pietrocarlo Compilation Tape, 1990.
HW00462 G475 Janice Perry (AKA Gal): City Hall, Burlington , VT , September 1986.
HW00463 G476 He's Gonna Die Unless We Give Him a New Heart, 1990; Sylvie Poirier, Marion Ware [videomakers].
HW00464 G477

Lip Readings, [date unknown]; Sylvie Poirier [videomaker].

HW00465 G478 Poletown Lives! [date unknown].
HW00466 G479 Potato Wolf with Colab at Hallwalls, Nov 5&6, 1982.
HW00467 G480 Daniel Predmore: Artist Portrait, 1996; Daniel Predmore [visual artist], Joel Barone [videomaker].
HW00468 G481 Cicha Przystan: The Quite Harbour, [date unknown]; Mariusz Maler [videomaker].
HW00469 G482

Performance Space 122: Compilation Tape, [date unknown].

HW00470 G483 FEED, July 6, 1992.
HW00471 G484 A PLACE WITH NO NAME, 1989; Elizabeth G. Schroder [writer, director, co-editor]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00472 G485 Making Waves: Popular Video in Bolivia , [date unknown].
HW00473 G486 The Killing Floor, 1984; Elsa Rassback [filmmaker].
HW00474 G487 98.3 KHz : Bridge at Electric Storm - Electronic Sunsets, [date unknown].
HW00475 G489 Reproductive Rights Residencies [compilation tape], March-April, 1992.
HW00476 G490 [Christopher Bratton compilation tape], 1988; Rise and Shine sample reel.
HW00477 G491

[Rubnitz, Hestand compilation tape], 1989; Titles on reel: 1. The Fairies, 2. He Was Once.

HW00478 G492 Within the Wilderness Mound, [date unknown]; Jann Rosen-Queralt [videomaker].
HW00479 G493 If It's Too Bad To Be True It Could Be Disinformation, 1985; Martha Rosler, [videomaker].
HW00480 G494 Born To Be Sold: A Test for the Nation, [date unknown]; Martha Rosler [videomaker/performer], Alexandra Jusasz [videomaker/performer].
HW00481 G495 Sacred Lies, Civil Truths, 1993.
HW00482 G496 Fisher Price Program [compilation tape], 1989-1990.
HW00483 G497 Eric Saks compilation tape, [date unknown].
HW00484 G498 Taking Back the Night, 1990; Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot [videomaker].
HW00485 G499

Spiritual Warfare: The G.H.O.S.T. Campaign, [date unknown].

HW00486 G500 Queer Nation and ACT UP Visit the Bill of Rights, [date unknown]; Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot [videomaker].
HW00487 G501

Choice? [date unknown]; Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot [videomaker].

HW00488 G502

Julie Scher Compilation Reel, 1990.

HW00489 G503 No Going Back: A Pro-Choice Perspective, [date unknown]; Irene Schonwit [videomaker].
HW00490 G504 Ringfinger, [date unknown].
HW00491 G505 My Garden (Tree) Begins Here..., 1992; Melissa Scott [videomaker].
HW00492 G506 Community Visions, [date unknown].
HW00493 G507 Mary Magdelene - L'Amour Fou, [date unknown]; M. Serba or Serra [videomaker].
HW00494 G508 Silent Witness, [date unknown].
HW00495 G509 Pictures at an Improvisation, [date unknown]; Robert Simile, Charles Martyn [videomakers/performers].
HW00496 G510 Donna M. Simpson Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Donna M. Simpson [videomaker].
HW00497 G511 Donna M. Simpson Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00498 G512 Shades of Black, [date unknown].
HW00499 G513 Shameless (Trailer, Feature), [date unknown].
HW00500 G514 Rapture, 1986; Paul Sharits [film/videomaker].
HW00501 G515 Videa: Video Compilation Tape, 1996; 1. Universal Shark (Jacqueline Goss), 2. Doctor as Artist as Quack (Lesley Wahl), 3. Swallow (Elisabeth Subrin), 4. Sapphire and the Slave Girl (Leah Gilliam); Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00502 G516 Geoffrey Shea Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00503 G517 Envers, 1994; Andrew Shipin [videomaker].
HW00504 G518 Shock Box TV Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00505 G519

Race Against Prime Time, 1984; David Shulman [videomaker].

HW00506 G520

Race Against Prime Time, 1984; David Shulman [videomaker].

HW00507 G521 Production Notes, 1986; Jason Simon [videomaker].
HW00508 G522 Bill Smarit Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00509 G523 Brian Smith Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00510 G524 David Smith and Lee Murray Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00511 G525 The Cameraman's Revenge and Other Fantastic Tales: The Amazing Puppet Animation of Ladislaw Starewicz, [date unknown]; Ladislaw Starewicz [puppetmaker/animator/filmmaker].
HW00512 G526 Continuous Entertainment, [date unknown]; David Smith, Lee Murray [videomakers].
HW00513 G527 My Vile Reasons: Peace Museum Benefit, August 12, 1989; Brenden de Vallance [videomaker].
HW00514 G528 Ellen Spiro Compilation Tape, August 1988.
HW00515 G529 ACT-UP at the FDA, 1988; Ellen Sprio [filmmaker].
HW00516 G530 Greetings from Out Here, 1993; Ellen Sprio [filmmaker].
HW00517 G531 Diana's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front, 1990; Ellen Sprio [filmmaker].
HW00518 G532

Radio Tirana: Harmonie & Forschung, 1988.

HW00519 G533 Honorable Nations, [date unknown].
HW00520 G534 Meaning, 1991; Jordan Biren [videomaker].
HW00521 G535 The Dinner, [date unknown]; Brian Springer [videomaker].
HW00522 G536 Springer Air Tape, 1988; Brian Springer [videomaker].
HW00523 G537 Tyler Stallings Collection, 1989-1990.
HW00524 G538 Canadian Compilation, [date unknown].
HW00525 G539 Struggle For An American Way of Life, [date unknown].
HW00526 G540 Studio of the Streets, 1990; Brian Springer [videomaker].
HW00527 G541 Studio of the Streets, 1991; Brian Springer [videomaker].
HW00528 G542 Studio from the Streets, 11/23/1993; Chris Hill, Tony Conrad [interviewers].
HW00529 G543 Janos Sugar compilation, [date unknown].
HW00530 G544 Sunny in Chernobyl , [date unknown].
HW00531 G545 Seth Tamrowski compilation, [date unknown].
HW00532 G546

Seth Tamrowski and Al Griffin Compilation Tape, [date unknown].

HW00533 G547 Night and the City, [date unknown]; Jason Tannen [videomaker/installation artist].
HW00534 G548 Body Modification Compilation Tape, 1991, 1992.
HW00535 G549 Is/Isn't, [date unknown]; Beth Taube [videomaker].
HW00536 G550 3 Minutes from Broadway, 1992.
HW00537 G551

Artist of America 's Southwest: Stephen Monroe, 1992.

HW00538 G552 Exultate Jubilate - 1932 - By Way of Fiction, [date unknown]; Dennis Day, Su Rynard, Tess Payne [videomakers].
HW00539 G553 Laney Yarber Compilation Tape, 1986, 1987.
HW00540 G554 Overfoot: Jody Oberfelder-Riehm Dance Company Compilation Tape, 1988, 1996.
HW00541 G556 Human On My Faithless Arm, 1987; Valerie Tereszko [videomaker].
HW00542 G557 Testing the Limits, 1987.
HW00543 G558 This Island Earth, [date unknown].
HW00544 G559 There was an Unseen Cloud Moving, [date unknown]; Leslie Thorton [videomaker].
HW00545 G560 Samuel: Chapter One of Diversity Tales for the Living, [date unknown].
HW00546 G561 Tong Tana, [date unknown].
HW00547 G562 Toronto World Wide Short Film Festival Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00548 G563 Toxxic City Video Dispatch #1: The Day After Earth Day, 1990.
HW00549 G564 The Underground Voices of the Panamanian People, 1990.
HW00550 G565 Stones Throw: TV From Cuba, [date unknown].
HW00551 G566

TV Stop: Youth TV from Denmark , [date unknown].

HW00552 G567 Edges, 1993; Ayanna Udongo [videomaker].
HW00553 G568 Unarius, [date unknown].
HW00554 G569 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County , Dec.1 1987.
HW00555 G570 Steina Vasulka Excerpts Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Steina Vasulka [videomaker].
HW00556 G571 Igor Vamos Compilation Tape, [date unknown].
HW00557 G572

Night Before Vote, [date unknown]; Maria Venuto [videomaker].

HW00558 G573 Zap, [date unknown]; Maria Venuto [videomaker].
HW00559 G574 A Medicalization of Birthing, 1991; Maria Venuto [videomaker].
HW00560 G577 Video Against AIDS, 1988-1989.
HW00561 G578 Video Against AIDS 2, [date unknown].
HW00562 G579 Video Against AIDS, [date unknown].
HW00563   Gravity & Grace, [date unknown].
HW00564 G582 In Which Nature Abhors a Vacuum, 1993.
HW00565 G584 Haunted House, [date unknown]; Mary Anne van Wagner [videomaker].
HW00566 G585 Outtakes From Emotion Inversion Strategy 4.94, 1994; Lesly Wahl [videomaker].
HW00567 G586

From the Hands of the Madonna, 1991; Susan M. Walsh [videomaker].

HW00568 G587 Independents Tonite, [date unknown].
HW00569 G589 Tape from “Conspiracy Show,” [date unknown]; Paula Watkins [videomaker].
HW00570 G590 Billy of Meek Cove, 1988; Rhonda Abrams [videomaker].
HW00571 G591 Don't Be A Dick: A Message From The Honorable Senator, [date unknown]; Deke Weaver [videomaker].
HW00572 G592 Documentary Footage Time, [date unknown]; Scott Webster [videomaker].
HW00573 G593 Boxman, 1987-88; Peter Weibel [videomaker].
HW00574 G594 Eating Matzohs in Esther Rosen's Kitchen, 9/20/1989; Rachel Weissman [videomaker].
HW00575 G595 Rachel Wiessman compilation, [date unknown].
HW00576 G596 Festering Brain Video, 1994.
HW00577 G597 Grind Ticket, [date unknown].
HW00578 G598 Itsofomo, [date unknown]; David Wojnarowitz and Ben Neill [videomakers].
HW00579 G599 ITSOFOMO, 1988; Documentation of a performance by David Wojnarowitz, Gloria McLean and Ben Neill at the Kitchen in New York City .
HW00580 G600 West London Media compilation, 1989.
HW00581 G581 Fragments from the Library of the Body, 1993; Ron Ehmke, Richard Wicka [vidoemakers].
HW00582 G601 Video 50, 1978-1980; Robert Wilson [videomaker].
HW00583 G602 Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Titles on reel: 1. The Bad Sister Tape II (by Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey), 2. Now What? (by Kathy High), 3. Legendary Girls (by Chris Hill).
HW00584 G603 The Bad Sister, Tape I, [date unknown]; Peter Wollen, Laura Mulvey [film/videomakers].
HW00585 G604 Paulette, 1992; Anthony Wood, Claudia Looze [videomakers].
HW00586 G605 Voices of Life [date unknown]; Dear Family [date unknown]; Patrick Wright [videomaker].
HW00587 G606 Yonemotos -- The Kappa (23), [date unknown].
HW00588 G607 In America , [date unknown]; Paul Zaloom [videomaker].
HW00589 G608 Zando: Collected Works, 1987-88; Julie Zando [videomaker].
HW00590 G609 The Wind, 1990; Olga Ziangirova [videomaker].
HW00591 G610 A Question of Conscience: The Murder of the Six Jesuits in El Salvador ; Ilan Ziv [videomaker].
HW00592 G611 Zapp TV, 1992; Dirk Paesmans [videomaker].
HW00593 G612 Zmarz-Koczanowicz Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz [filmmaker].
HW00594 G613 Everybody Knows Who Stands Behind Whom, [date unknown]; Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz [filmmaker].
HW00595 G614 With A Vengeance, 1989; Our Right To Abortion, 1986; Lori Hiris [videomaker].
HW00596 G615 0, 1, 2, 3..., [date unknown]; Brian Conley [videomaker].
HW00597 G616 Women and AIDS, [date unknown]; Gay Men's Health Crisis Center , NYC [filmmakers].
HW00598 G617 We Are Not A Force To Be Taken Lightly, [date unknown]; Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot [videomaker].
HW00599 G618 Infected -- The Movie, [date unknown]; The The [musicians].
HW00600 G619 The Survival of Images, Nov. 14, 1993; Gavin Flint [videomaker].
HW00601 G620 War on the Poor 1 & 2, 1995; Low Income Video Experiments (L.I.V.E.); VHS viewing copy; See HW00856 for Master ¾” copy.
HW00602 G621 Penelope Price Compilation, 1990.
HW00603 G622 Patients and Doctors Who Are Partners, [date unknown].
HW00604 G623 Cheryl Dunye Compilation, 1991-1993; Titles on reel: She Don't Fade (1991); Vanilla Sex (1992); The Potluck and the Passion (1993).
HW00605 G624 Roughly Cut: A Tape on Circumcision, 1994; Niklas Sven Vollmen [videomaker].
HW00606 G625 Skinesthesia, [date unknown].
HW00607 G626 Donald Sherry Compilation, 1991.
HW00608 G627

Cityshore, 1994; Cheng & Kiel [creators/producers].

HW00609 G628 On Our Way To Hollywood, [date unknown]; J. Keegan-Sommers [director].
HW00610 G629 Performance Management, [date unknown].
HW00611 G630 Apocalypse 1806: Soliloquies of Fate, 1992; Mathew Wilson [videomaker].
HW00612 G632 The Yellow Pages, 1994; Ho Tam [videomaker].
HW00613 G633 Continental Cablevision “Live,” 1991; Van Gogh TV.
HW00614 G634 Network Storm: The Iraq Campaign, [date unknown]; Phil Patik [videomaker].
HW00615 G635 Which is Scary, [date unknown]; Paula Gauthier [filmmaker].
HW00616 G636 Lost Words, [date unknown]; Scott Sounders [filmmaker].
HW00617 G637

Jennifer Todd Reeves Compilation Tape, 1992-1993.

HW00618 G638 Electric Spaces Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Bill and Mary Buchen, Joan Joans [videomakers].
HW00619 G639 Jeffrey T. Moyer Compilation Tape, [date unknown]; Jeffrey T. Moyer [videomaker].
HW00620   I'm Talkn To You: Part One, 1993; Ilonna J. Pinion [videomaker].
HW00621 G641 Jocelyn Taylor Compilation Tape, 1993, 1994.
HW00622 G642

Sexual Persuasion, [date unknown]; Melissa Kern [videomaker].

HW00623 G643 Mother Show, 1991; Tom Rubnitz, Tom Koken, and Barbara Lipp [videomakers/performers].
HW00624 G644 La Blanchisseuse, 1993; Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe [videomaker].
HW00625 G645 Kensington Bailey/Hallwalls Youth Media Program, 1996.
HW00626 G646 Consensual Fantasy Engine, 1995; Paul Vanouse, Peter Weyrauch [video/installation artists]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.
HW00627 CP1 Video-Audio-Imbroglio (Tape #1), [date unknown].
HW00628 CP2 Audio-Video-Imbroglio (Tape #2), [date unknown].
HW00629 CP3 Audio-Video-Imbroglio (Tape #3), [date unknown].
HW00630 CP4 Video-Audio-Imbroglio (Tape #4), [date unknown].
HW00631 CP5 Audience as Protagonist: Getting Into the Picture, [date unknown].
HW00632 CP6 Audience as Protagonist: Getting Into the Picture, [date unknown]; Videocassette no.2 of 2.
HW00633 CP7 Cetripetal Force, The Zoo, 1987; Kevin McMahon [videomaker].
HW00774 G336 Jody Lafond compilations, 1987.
HW00775 G75.A Counting Backwards: Teen Mothers, 1992; Bernadette Hoppe [videomaker].
HW00792   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 1, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Martinovic, Varner, Harding.
HW00793   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 2, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Ron Mann
HW00794   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 3, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Chitty, Randy/Berenicci
HW00795   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 4, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Jeremy Podeswa
HW00796   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 5, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Lattanzi, Buckner, Gronau

The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 6, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Kalli Paakspuu

HW00798   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 7, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Marin, Hancox
HW00799   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 8, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Norwood Armis
HW00800   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 9, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Simmons, Rowe/Gardner, Bennell
HW00801   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 10, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Julius Kohanyi
HW00802   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 11, 2/4/1984: alternate title: Silver, Graham
HW00803   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 12, 2/4/1984: alternate title: Colin Brunton
HW00804   The Frontier: 1983-84 Program 13, 2/4/1984; alternate title: Springer, Askevold, McLean, Zravic
HW00805   Heavy Drinking: A videotape by Lynn Corcoran, 1979.
HW00806   Calendar Tags, [date unknown].
HW00807   Shopping with Super Coups, 1999; Copy 1; See HW00855 for Copy 2.
HW00808   ERK-04, [date unknown].
HW00809   Master - Moral Fiber - Please Mr. President, [date unknown].
HW00810   Balloon Master - “Round and Round,” 1997.
HW00811   Logodi Utca, 1994; Nina Czegledy [writer/director].
HW00812   Master for Dubs, 1996; Titles on reel: Waving not Drowning; Branched Knowledge; Moving the Body; Transmission.
HW00813   BETSY! 1990; Cyndi Moran [filmmaker].

J.M. Pera Compilation Tape, 1990.

HW00815   Where Little Demons Dwell, 1985; Alex Steyermark [videomaker].
HW00816   When Hamlet Came to Mizoram, [date unknown]; Pankaj Butalia [videomaker].
HW00817   Rough Edit #7 (1st Hour), [date unknown]; Kevin O'Shaughnessy [videomaker].
HW00818   Janet Callahan Compilation Tape, 1980, 1984; Titles on reel: 8 (1980); Les and Mona (1980); No Orchids (1984); Roman Candle (1984); Survival of the Fittest (Film in Progress).
HW00819   Shadow Dance, [date unknown]; Anne Hammel [videomaker].
HW00820   My Sun is Semi-Gloss Paint, 1994; Rick Curtis [creator/director]; Accompanying written material housed in separate envelope with same call number.

Mumia Abu Jamal: Giving a Face to the Death Penalty; [date unknown].

HW00822   Student Works From UB, 1997; Titles on reel: Enchanted Fuge (by Andy Cunningham); Porky @ UB (by David Kuhn); Untitled (by Max Kua Hua Huang); Owen (Marshall Homm); Last Night I Dreamt of Irene; Excerpts From “Small Twon Story.”
HW00823   Campy Queer Girls: Prairie Women's Video Art Curated and Presented by Shawna Dempsey/Lorri Millan, [date unknown].
HW00824   Adopting Olya, [date unknown]; Slawomir Grunberg, Slava Paperno[creators].

Stout, [date unknown]; Jon Stout [creator].


Whirl Without End, 1996; Gene Gort [videomaker].

HW00827   Jennifer Gentile Compilation Tape, 1988-1996.

House of Pain, 1995; Mike Hoolboom [videomaker].

HW00829   Unlearn, 1996; Eve Jubela [videomaker].
HW00830   Homoteens, [date unknown]; Joan Jubela [videomaker].

Jane: An Abortion Service, 1995; Kate Kirtz, Nell Lundy [videomakers].

HW00832   Finished, 1997; William E. Jones [videomaker].
HW00833   Fraying Fabric: The Disappearing Art of Sewing, 1996; B. Hoppe/Focus on Women [videomaker].
HW00834   To Search the Moon I Saw at Noon, 1997; Max Kuo-Hua Huang [videomaker].
HW00835   The Meeting, 1990; Blanche Hicks [videomaker].
HW00836   The Last Time I Committed Suicide, 1997; Kushner/Locke International.
HW00837   A Call to Witness, 1995; B.A. Hicks [videomaker].
HW00838   Internal Combustion, 1995; Alisa Lebow, Cynthia Madansky [videomakers].
HW00839   Gringo in Mananland: A Musical, 1995; Dee Dee Halleck [videomaker]; Copy 1 of 2.
HW00840   Gringo in Mananland: A Musical, 1995; Dee Dee Halleck [videomaker]; Copy 2 of 2.
HW00841   Dialogues of Early Sound Film, 1997; Terry Cuddy [videomaker].
HW00842   From Danger to Dignity: the Fight for Safe Abortion, 1995; Dorothy Fadiman [director/producer].
HW00843   Surviving Memory, 1996; Ellen R. Flanders [videomaker].
HW00844   I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs, 1996; Karen Everett [director/producer].
HW00845   Jidyll, 1990; Dick Blau [director/editor/screenplay]; Yehuda Yannay [performance/music/screenplay].

Laverne Clay on The Buffalo Project, [date unknown].

HW00847   TV News Coverage of the Buffalo Riots, 1990; Used as reference material in Robbie McCanley's “The Buffalo Project.”
HW00848   Work Samples for Alexis DeVeaux and Rene Armstrong, [date unknown].
HW00849   Sheep Loops, [date unknown].
HW00850   Branched Knowledge, [date unknown].
HW00851   Clubbing the Chicken, [date unknown].
HW00852   Art 7986, [date unknown].
HW00853   Home Movies, [date unknown].
HW00854   Career Planning and Placement: Introduction to APS, [date unknown].
HW00855   Shopping with Super Coups, 1999; Copy 2: See HW00807 for Copy 1.
HW00856   War on the Poor (L.I.V.E.), 1995; Master; See HW00601 for VHS viewing copy.
HW00857   Atlanta , 1996; Miranda July [writer/director/performance artist].
HW00975 G40 A New Year; Jollies, 1989/1990; Sadie Benning [filmmaker].