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Spinelli (Martin) collection

The Martin Spinelli Collection contains hundreds of hours of interview recordings with some of the most innovative poets, performers and radio and audio producers of the past fifty years. These interviews were used in several of Spinelli's ground-breaking radio series, such as LINEbreak and Radio Radio , which have been heard around the world since 1996. In addition to raw, unedited interview material with people such as Robert Creeley, Jackson Mac Low, Susan Howe, Hannah Weiner, Paul Auster, Bob Cobbing, Charles Bernstein, Gregory Whitehead, Piers Plowright and Paul D. Miller, the collection holds finished copies of most of Spinelli's broadcasts and audio works, email and correspondence relating to those pieces, research for the series and for numerous critical writing projects about innovative radio and sound, audio drafts and experiments for new presentational techniques for radio literature, as well as hours of previously unaudited and unused performances by the contributing writers and producers.

Collection Inventory


  1. DAT box labeled A Uplinked Programs 1-10 @ containing the versions of the LINEbreak programs which were uplinked to the NPR satellite in 1997. Subsequent boxes contain the rest of the uplinked programs. The series consists of half-hour programs with Bruce Andrews, Paul Auster, Robert Creeley, Ray Federman, Ben Friedlander, Madeline Gins, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Barbara Guest, Carla Harryman, Lyn Hejinian, Susan Howe, Karen Mac Cormack, Jackson Mac Low, Steve McCaffery, Lance & Andrea Olsen, Jena Osman, Ted Pearson, Jerome Rothenberg, Leslie Scalapino, Kenneth Sherwood, Ron Silliman, Peter Straub, Luci Tapahonso, Dennis Tedlock, Fiona Templeton, Cecilia Vicuña, Hannah Weiner and Ben Yarmolinsky all interviewed by Charles Bernstein. Everything is on DAT tape.
  2. DAT box labeled A Uplinked Programs 11-20 @.
  3. DAT box labeled A Uplinked 21-26 @ .
  4. DAT box labeled A LINEbreak Raw, working 1/97 @ containing DATs with unedited interviews for the entire series.
  5. DAT box labeled A Saved Misc. 1 @ containing 9 DATs with assorted material: unedited LINEbreak interview material; feature pieces Martin Spinelli produced for WBFO, Buffalo; NPR programs; working versions of edited LINEbreak programs; music archive for LINEbreak programs; Feature pieces produced for the Lannan Foundation/Just Buffalo Literary Center's A Writers at Work Series @ heard on WBFO (1995-97) which features performances by, and conversations with, nationally-known writers selected for weekly residencies in the Just Buffalo A Writers in Education @ program; and A Walt Whitman @ a live radio drama produced for Himan Brown's They Were Giants series on public radio stations.
  6. DAT box labeled A Saved Misc. 2 @ containing 10 DATs which include: promo and intro pieces for LINEbreak; features by Martin Spinelli for WBFO; back up of LINEbreak programs and version of the program that were not broadcast; pieces from Louis Zukofsky including the first part of A 80 Flowers @ and A A @ (origin and use unknown); LINEbreak music archives; back-up DATs for Engaged (a one-off program on the BBC).
  7. DAT box labeled A LINEbreak Raw Tape 1 @ contain unedited interview recordings for the full series.
  8. DAT box labeled A LINEbreak Raw Tape 2 @ contain unedited interview recordings for the full series.
  9. DAT box labeled A BFO Programs @ containing the LINEbreak programs as they were aired on WBFO, Buffalo .
  10. DAT box labeled A Engaged 1 @ containing the finished program DAT, raw interview tape, and specially produced projects for the one-off program. The interviews were done with and the special projects were produced by Gregory Whitehead, Beverley Hood, Noto, Siren Circus, Tim Echells, Bell Helicopter, DJ Spooky, Martin Spinelli, Rachel Steward, John Williams, Kazuko Hohki, Clive Bell, Christian Weaver, Jonathan Brannen, Erik Belgum, Elizabeth James, Jane Draycott and Alan Jones. Aired on the BBC and other stations in the UK , Asia and North America in 1998.
  11. DAT box labeled A Engaged 2 @ containing the same kind of material as is found in A Engaged 1 @ .
  12. A green hanging folder containing public radio marketing material.
  13. A manila folder labeled A LINE/BREAK @ containing preliminary research for the series, author photos taken for the website by Martin Spinelli.
  14. A manila folder labeled A LINEbreak on WBFO @ containing correspondence about the series and negotiations to get the series broadcast; program descriptions and promotional information and items.
  15. A manila folder labeled A LINE/BREAK Scheduling and Releases @ containing scripts, poems to be preformed, schedules, interview prep and signed author releases.
  16. A manila folder labeled A LINE/BREAK - Boundary 2 @ containing preliminary material.
  17. Writing and research for a proposed special edition of Boundary 2 about LINEbreak. The edition never materialized.
  18. A manila folder labeled A LINEbreak Money @ containing funding and expenses information.
  19. A manila folder labeled A LINEbreak Tapes @ containing correspondence and materials for selling and distributing the LINEbreak cassettes.
  20. A manila folder labeled A LINEbreak Labels @
  21. A manila folder labeled A Line/Break Supplementals @ containing press clippings about the series and other supporting post-broadcast materials.
  22. A manila folder labeled A LINEbreak (Production) @ containing scripts, notes, research, poems to be performed, satellite distribution information and other ancillary production materials.


  1. Data DVD containing: radio/audio project administration, research, correspondence, scripts, email and critical writing for most projects from 1995 to 2006 (Radio Radio, LINEbreak, Engaged, Code 1, Flat Packed, Before Words and other projects both creative and commercial). Most documents are in WordPerfect 8.0; all email was generated with Microsoft Outlook Express version 6.0.
  2. A full distribution CD set of the entire Radio Radio series: sixteen 45-minute programs with Gregory Whitehead, Stephen Erickson, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, cris cheek, Charles Bernstein, John Oswald, Bob Cobbing, Christof Migone, Michael Basinski, Sianed Jones, Piers Plowright, Paul D. Miller (A.K.A. DJ Spooky), Lawrence Upton, Jane Draycott, Elizabeth James, BuffFluxus and combinations. Also included is a CD of the specially produced Radio Radio Voice Bumpers which were not broadcast individually but integrated into the other programs. Bundled in two bundles with rubber bands.
  3. CD of Martin Spinelli's appearance on the public radio program A What's the Word @ , produced by the Modern Language Association (program #196, 2006; specific program titled A Listening to Literature @ ). Discussion of Radio Radio, LINEbreak, history of poetry on radio, contributions of digital production tools to literary radio, and Spinelli's book project The Mediated Word .
  4. Plastic cylindrical CD stack of all raw, unedited interviews and ancillary audio material for Radio Radio. These are on CD as .WAV files and on DVDs as .MP3 files.
  5. Bundle of blanks for Radio Radio CD cases. Bundled with rubber band.
  6. Brown envelope folder labeled A Radio Radio @ with research materials for the series.
  7. Manila folder labeled A Stephen Erickson - RR @ ; research notes.
  8. Manila folder labeled A Allen Weiss - RR @ ; research notes. Weiss's interview was used for several voice bumpers.
  9. Manila folder labeled A Oswald - RR prep @ ; research notes.
  10. Manila folder labeled A DJ Spooky - RR @ ; research notes.
  11. Manila folder labeled A Christof Migone - RR @ ; research notes.
  12. Manila folder labeled A Whitehead - RR @ ; research notes.
  13. Manila folder labeled A Basinski - RR prep @ ; research notes
  14. Manila folder labeled A Radio Radio Expenses. @
  15. Manila folder labeled A Radio Radio - Phonica @ ; preliminary research notes for the entire series before it was called Radio Radio.
  16. Manila folder labeled A Radio Radio Designs. @
  17. Blue folder labeled A Radio Radio CD Distribution. @
  18. Blue folder labeled A Radio Radio Awards and Wind Down. @
  19. CD of created pieces produced for specially curated series on Resonance FM, 104.4 London . A Before Words @ was produced with sounds that Martin Spinelli's son Lio made in his first thirteen months of life; produced for the A 13 Minutes of Heaven @ series curated by Sarah Washington. A Flat Packed @ was produced for the A No Place Like Home @ series curated by Martin Williams.