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Mantis (Peter) collection on Kenneth L. Beaudoin

Peter Mantis, the pen name of Nick (Dominic) Canterucci who also goes by William S. Paley, is a writer, artist, musician, and performer based in Memphis, TN, originally from Ann Arbor, MI. He is active in mail art community, and he produced the long-running film and music zine Loafing the Donkey (1987-2004. Kenneth Lawrence Beaudoin (1913-1995) was an American anthropologist and poet. Born in Michigan, he graduated from Memphis State College in 1935, attended Louisiana State from 1936 to 1937, Loyola (La.) in 1940, and the New School for Social Research from 1944 to 1946. This collection contains material related to Peter Mantis and Kenneth L. Beaudoin, including a letter from Judson Crews regarding Beaudoin's papers; a typed manuscript about Crews by Beaudoin; several pages of typescript poems by Beaudoin; a notebook/manuscript, Mississippi River Suite; photographs of Peter Mantis; a scrapbook of Beaudoin's family; a binder of print-outs of Mantis's blogs from his MySpace site; a softball signed by Peter Mantis; an oil painting of Beaudoin by Cliff Middleton, 1940; and 15 literary journals and zines.