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Gladwell (F. E.) collection

The F. E. Gladwell Collection contains the drafts and final typed copies of his plays, television scripts, novels, short stories, books of poems and poetry. It is a complete record of his literary development from 1932 to the early 1970s. The collection also contains hundreds of letters to Pauline Mary Gladwell, F. E. Gladwell⁰́₉s second wife. Biographical material, including from the period Gladwell served in the armed services during WWII, is included in the collection. He translated Nazi German communication for the British Intelligence Service. The collection also documents Gladwell⁰́₉s literary life through hundreds of letters to and from theatres. Of particular note is a generous letter by George Bernard Shaw to Gladwell.

This collection has not yet been fully processed. A record for the collection is available in the catalog here.

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