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Score collection

The Score Collection contains concrete and assemblage poetry, mail art, editorials, criticism, correspondence, and production matter for issues 1-12 of Score magazine. Also included is editorial and production material for broadsides and other publications.

Score was a magazine of visual and concrete poetry that began in Oakland, CA and lasted 20 issues between 1983 and 2006. The first series of issues 1 to 12 was edited by Crag Hill, Bill DiMichele, and Laurie Schneider in Oakland, CA and included such contributors as Miekel And, Richard Kostelanetz, Bern Porter, John M. Bennett, Bruce Andrews, and Lyn Hejinian. Published in Pullman, WA, and Moscow, ID, the second series of issues 13 to 20 was edited by Hill and, for three issues, Spencer Selby and featured work by visual poets including Sheila Murphy, Jim Leftwich, Michael Basinski, Nico Vassilakis, Johanna Drucker, Andrew Topel, and many others. The magazine was succeeded by Spore, which was also edited by Crag Hill.