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Teaching technology added to Instructional Touchdown Rooms

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020
Instructional Touchdown Rooms
Instructional Touchdown Rooms

There are six Instructional Touchdown Rooms in Silverman Library, reserved for faculty and TAs.

Instructors: looking for a better space to deliver online instruction? Six rooms in Silverman library have been outfitted with new teaching technology, including a 75” screen, high-quality audio and video capture, a green screen, dual monitors and easy options to connect your computers and mobile devices. 

Reserve a space with a technology cart

Flexible spaces for flexible teaching 

Each Instructional Touchdown Room combines green screen technology and Zoom so faculty can superimpose themselves over their presentations and easily interact with and emphasize various aspects of their lecture materials. A second monitor allows faculty to see their class at the same time as their lecture material.  

Each room also contains a mobile cart with the following: 

  • 75” display (4K/UHD) 
  • Video camera (wide-angle 4K) 
  • Audio soundbar for video conferencing 
  •  2 inputs (HDMI) for digital devices, and an interface to switch between the two 
  • Wireless presentation with AirMedia 

The cart is on wheels and can be positioned for the best view of your lecture and course materials. 

Want to see it in action? 

To request a demonstration of UB Libraries’ Instructional Touchdown Rooms, faculty and TAs can contact