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New publication featuring Professors Engel and Barbas

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Injury and Injustice: the Cultural Politics of Harm and Redress is a new publication just received by the Law Library. Injury and Injustice is co-edited by SUNY Distinguished Service Professor David M. Engel and features chapters by Professor Engel (“Chairs, Stairs, and Automobiles : the Cultural Construction of Injuries and the Failed Promise of Law”) and Professor Samantha Barbas (“Privacy and the Right to One’s Image : a Cultural and Legal History”).

Part of the Cambridge Studies in Law and Society series, “This book addresses some of the most difficult and important debates over injury and law now taking place in societies around the world. The essays tackle the inescapable experience of injury and its implications for social inequality in different cultural settings. Topics include the tension between physical and reputational injuries, the construction of human injuries versus injuries to non-human life, virtual injuries, the normalization and infliction of injuries on vulnerable victims, the question of reparations for slavery, and the paradoxical degradation of victims through legal actions meant to compensate them for their disabilities. Authors include social theorists, social scientists and legal scholars, and the subject matter extends to the Middle East and Asia, as well as North America.” –Publisher description.

To explore more works by Professors Engel and Barbas, visit the Law Library’s Digital Commons Author Gallery and the Law School’s Faculty Profiles.

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