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David M. James

Death: 2019

Dr. David M. James joined the University at Buffalo in 1995 as an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine. During that time, he also joined the Deaconess Family Medicine and Immediate Treatment Center as medical director. He also acted as the medical director of the Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Clinic at Buffalo General Medical Center. In 2001 as a member of the Professional Emergency Services, he staffed the emergency departments at Millard Fillmore Hospital at Gates Circle and Millard Fillmore Suburban.  As well as staffing, Dr. James was also the medical director of the emergency department at Millard Fillmore at Gates Circle from 2002 to 2008. He was a published medical author, including his reference book, "Field Guide to Urgent and Ambulatory Care and Procedures" while also training doctors around the country on bedside ultrasound through the National Procedures Institute, Texas Academy of Family Physicians. 

Affiliation(s): Department of Family Medicine
Record Group(s): 19
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