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Malcolm (Little) X

Born: 1925
Death: 1965

On April 24, 1963, over 700 people filled two room in what is now the University at Buffalo's South Campus to hear Malcolm X debate the Rev. Clarence L. Hilliard, pastor of the St. Paul Baptist Church in Lackawanna, NY.  Malcolm X was invited by the U.B. Student Association. By 1963, Malcolm X was reportedly the second most sought-after speaker on college campuses. (Barry Goldwater was the first.)  Although espousing separation of races, Malcolm X denied the Muslim movement was a "hate organization." He said "We are not anti-you, we are just pro-us." (see Black Muslims Raps School Integration Buffalo Courier-Express, 24 April 1963)

Rev. Hilliard was born and raised in Buffalo. He received a bachelor’s degree in Bible from Houghton College in 1969 and then moved to the Chicago area. Rev. Hilliard had a long career and became a sought-after speaker in his own right. He traveled from Nigeria to Thailand carrying his message of racial reconciliation.

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