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George Edwin Starbuck

Born: 1931
Death: 1996

Poet George Starbuck was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1931. He attended Cal Tech, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and Harvard.

Starbuck began working at the University of Buffalo in October, 1963 as a librarian and part-time lecturer in Millard Fillmore College. Shortly after hire, he was asked to sign an anti-Communist loyalty oath. His refusal led to a Supreme Court challenge to the New York State "Feinberg Oath." The court struck down the oath in 1967.

He later taught at the University of Iowa, Boston University, and the University of Alabama. As a poet, Starbuck's tools were pun and parody.

George Starbuck died in 1996 from Parkinson's disease.

Affiliation(s): Libraries
Record Group(s): 13
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