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Reginald H. Pegrum

Born: 1899
Death: 1976

Reginald H. Pegrum was born in Romford, England on December 15, 1899. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta, Canada, and earned his doctorate from Princeton University. In 1927 Pegrum came to the State University of New York at Buffalo as a professor of geology. For two decades Pegrum was the only member of the Geology Department, and from 1927-1929 he also served as curator of geology at the Buffalo Museum of Science. In 1948 the Geology Department was expanded to include geography. Reginald Pegrum was named chairman of the new Department of Geology and Geography and additional faculty members were hired. Pegrum was a life member and former director of the Buffalo Canoe Club and one-time president of the New York Weather Society (1951). In 1970 Pegrum retired and was designated emeritus professor. Pegrum died in Buffalo, NY, July 6, 1976.

Affiliation(s): Geology
Record Group(s): 20
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