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Joseph Manch

Born: 1910
Death: 1978

Joseph Manch was born in Lamza, Poland, on January 1, 1910. When he was six years old, Manch’s father took up rabbinical duties, and moved the family to Niagara Falls, New York.  He received three degrees from the University of Buffalo: B.A. in 1932, M.A. in 1940, and Ph.D. in Education in 1955. During his student days at the University of Buffalo, Manch was a champion wrestler, boxer, track man, and football player, as well as a class poet. He was inducted to the University of Buffalo Athletics Hall of Fame in 1979. 

At the age of 47, Manch was named Superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools. He held the position until his retirement in June 1975. Manch was superintendent of the one of the largest school systems in New York during the urbanism and civil rights movements. His idea of developing vocational schools later got nation-wide attention and he made efforts to integrate Buffalo public schools throughout his term. 

After his retirement, Manch took various honorary positions at the University at Buffalo. He was involved in the Educational Opportunity Center, Community Advisory council, Society of Educational Administration, and Alumni Association. He also taught graduate courses at Canisius and Medaille Colleges and the University of Buffalo and Buffalo State College and served as a trustee of Erie Community College.

On June 1988, Manch died in Buffalo General Hospital at the age of 78.

Affiliation(s): Alumnus
Record Group(s): 30
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