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Joseph Robert Love

Joseph Robert Love Born: 1839
Death: 1914

Joseph Robert Love was the University of Buffalo's first black graduate. He received his medical degree on February 25, 1880.  Born in the Bahamas in 1839, Love moved to the United States in 1866 and moved to Buffalo from Savanah, Georgia in 1876.  Love was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1876 and was named rector of St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Buffalo, which is today one of the oldest Afircan-American Episcopal congregations in the country.  Love enrolled in the UB School of Medicine in 1877 and graduated with the class of 1880.

In 1881 Dr. Love moved to the Episcopal mission in Haiti and then settled in Kingston, Jamaica, where he published the "Jamaica Advocate" and championed the the ideas of Henry Sylvester-Williams and Pan-African unity. Today's scholars consider Dr. Love to be one of the important African nationalists of the nineteenth century and an inspiration to black nationalist Marcus Garvey. 

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