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Charles Alfred Lee

Born: 1801
Death: 1872

Charles A. Lee was born in Salisbury Connecticut in 1801 and graduated from Berkshire Medical College in 1825.  In 1844, he joined the faculty of Geneva Medical School and two years later, he was named professor of pathology and materia medica at the newly founded University of Buffalo School of Medicine.  In 1851, Lee joined fellow School of Medicine faculty Austin Flint and Charles Coventry in debunking the supernatural claims of the spiritualist Fox sisters when the sisters visited Buffalo.  He remained on the faculty of the School of Medicine until 1871, when he was named emeritus professor.

When naming places on the North Campus, UB chose the founding faculty of the School of Medicine for some of the campus roads.  Lee Road, which stretches from the Commons to the Ellicott Complex was named after Charles A. Lee.

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Affiliation(s): Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Record Group(s): 19