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Corydon LaFord

Born: 1813
Death: 1894

Corydon LaFord was born in Lexington, New York in 1813.  LaFord was apprenticed to two physicians for eight years before receiving his formal medical education from the Geneva Medical School.  While attending medical school, he served as the school's librarian and museum curator.  When the University of Buffalo School of Medicine was founded in 1846, LaFord became its demonstrator of anatomy and librarian.  He was highly regarded by his fellow faculty and students for his skill in teaching.  In 1851, LaFord left the UB School of Medicine and was appointed professor of anatomy at the University of Michigan where he taught for forty years.

Source: Batt, Ronald Elmer, et al.  Another Era: A Pictorial History of the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Virginia Beach: The Donning Co., 1996 p. 21.

Affiliation(s): Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Record Group(s): 19
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