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William Cameron Baird

Born: 1907
Death: 1987

William C. Baird (1908-1987), younger son of Frank B. Baird, was a well known and respected business man and philanthapist. In 1930 he joined the family business, the Buffalo Pipe and Foundry, later becoming the first president and then chairman of the board. For most of his life, Baird worked at making a better community for Buffalo and its environs. Continuing his father's association with the Peace Bridge, he served from 1939-1960 as bridge commission chairman. A true philanthapist, Baird helped organized the Butler Mitchell Boys Club and there is a Clubhouse named after him today. In 1967, he was awarded the Walter P. Cooke Award and an honorary degree in 1984.

Affiliation(s): University Council, Benefactor
Record Group(s): 2, 3
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