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Pierre Louis Henri Aubery

Born: 1920

Pierre Aubéry, a Guggenheim Fellow and scholar of French Literature and Society, was born in Mont-Saint-Aignan, Seine Maritime, France, in 1920. Pierre Aubéry’s formal education began at the Lycée de Havre where he earned a Baccalaureate in Philosophy in 1940. This was followed by four years at Toulouse University where Aubéry studied English and French Literature, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. Aubéry received a Fulbright Travel Grant and graduated from Duke University with a Master’s degree in French Literature and Political Science. He completed his Ph.D. with highest honors in 20th Century French Literature from the University of Paris in 1955.

Aubéry moved to the United States to teach at Duke University where he was an instructor in French (1953-1957). He took the position of Assistant Professor of French Literature at Mount Holyoke College (1957-1961), followed by the position of Assistant Professor of French Literature at the University of Alberta, Canada, before moving to Buffalo, New York. At the State University of New York at Buffalo, Aubéry held the appointment of Associate Professor of French Literature (1967) and Professor of French Literature (1967-1985). 

At the University at Buffalo, Aubéry taught 20th century French Literature in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature. Aubéry was instrumental in bringing many distinguished French scholars to the university, including Michel Foucault from 1970-1972. His research interests extended to Canadian Studies, particularly Québécois identity, the Quebec sovereignty movement, and the traditional French perception of Canada, on which he lectured and wrote extensively. 

Pierre Aubéry was honored with many awards and fellowships including multiple research fellowships through the University at Buffalo and the SUNY Research Foundation, and status of Professor Emeritus upon his retirement from the State University of New York (1985-2009).

Affiliation(s): Modern Languages and Literature
Record Group(s): 16