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Morton Feldman

Born: 1926
Death: 1987

Morton Feldman was born in New York City in 1926 and began composing music at the age of nine.  He studied musical composition with Wallingford Riegger and Stefan Wolpe.  Feldman was an experimental composer who was known for indeterminacy and graphic notation.  

Morton Feldman was appointed the Slee Professor of Composition at the University at Buffalo's Department of Music in 1972.  In 1976, he was named music director for the UB Center for the Creative and Performing Arts and was later responsible for many of UB's "June in Buffalo" festivals.  In 1985, Feldman was reappointed to the Edgar Varese chair of Music at UB.


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Affiliation(s): Music
Record Group(s): 16
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