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Annual Reports of Deans and Directors [microfilm], 1931-1982

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5/2/MF 353-454 Abstract:

This collection contains microfilmed annual reports from 1931 to 1982 of schools, departments, offices, institutes and centers of the University at Buffalo. In the 1980s, a portion of annual reports were microfilmed as the original reports were fragile typescripts or degrading mimeographs.

Reports in this collection cover pivotal moments in the development of the University. Particularly noteworthy are reports of the World War II era,
(which include war training programs, job placement for women, and veterans services); Chancellor Samuel Capen’s tutorial instruction plan; and the establishment of the Colleges in the late 1960s through the 1970s.

As a format, annual reports give a broad overview of the University at a given point in time, including of academic units, budgets, bequests and fundraising, campus planning, and facilities; and statistics such as enrollment, degrees conferred, and faculty research publication. These reports are a critical research resource as they offer not only “what was,” but “what might have been” (i.e. insight into the assumed and planned trajectories of departments, campuses, budgets, academics, etc.) as well as “firsts.” Goals of programs and departments at their inception are noted. Reports of Schools and Faculties, particularly after 1950, often incorporate reports of departments.

Researchers should also consult individual collections for departments, schools, offices, etc. for additional reports either falling outside this date range or not microfilmed.

Topics: Education History, Publications, University History Resources
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