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Revolutionary Males - seminar transcript, 1972

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34/9/1345 Abstract:

Transcript of October 10, 1972 meeting of "Revolutionary Males" seminar. The class featured statements by Tom Bell and Greg Calvert, both active in 1960s American politics, including with Students for a Democratic Society.

**Taken from the transcript introduction:

"What follows is a transcript, slightly edited and abridged, of the October 10, 1972 meeting of the seminar Revolutionary Males, led by Burton Weiss and Charles Haynie, Tolstoy College. The members of this all-male seminar have been trying to learn 'what it means to be a male in American society in 1972, and how, as fast as possible, we can make this society livable.' (Or, more generally, what are the 'deep, often disguised, relations between sexuality and politics'?) The session... was devoted to hearing autobiographical statements by Tom Bell and Greg Calvert.

Topics: Education History, Social Activism
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