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Graduate Student Association Records Part I, 1963-1970

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9/1/64 Abstract:

These files are complete as possessed by the Graduate Student Association when they were released to the Archives. Financial Records for clubs, bills, treasurer's memos, budgets; also data on student fees, athletic fees, scholarships. Chairmen of the GSA and others generated correspondence with administrative officers of the University on many topics; for example, with Robert O'Neill, Executive Assistant to President Meyerson. Some correspondence documents the drive toward participation in university governance, through the Committee on Institutional Funding, Student Behavior, the Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs, the Grading and Ranking Committee, the Graduate Dean Search Committee, and the 1970 Presidential Search Committee. Minutes exist for the Student Seante, GSA Executive Council, the 1970 Collegiate Assembly. Academic Plans were collected from every faculty under President Martin Meyerson, and President Furnas's Task Force on University Policy. Documentation of events include recruitment on campus by Dow Chem Corp. and the CIA, the 1964 site visit by HUAC, the student strike of 1969. Papers collected pertain to local civil rights organizations (by the Center for the Study of Racism), the draft, Themis, and others. Speakers and symposia sponsored included Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dr. Benjamin Spock. "America in Crisis, 1968", featured Tom Hayden, Howard Zinn, Carl Oglesby, and John Gerassi.

Topics: Campus Unrest, Social Activism, Student Life
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