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Buffalonian Yearbooks, 1934-2001

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9/6/00-2 Abstract:

The Buffalonian was UB’s second general student yearbook. The first was the Iris which ceased publication in 1932. The inaugural issue of the Buffalonian appeared in 1934. It was on February 26, 1934, that Norton Union opened, and the title page for the first issue of the Buffalonian proudly states “Published by the Associated Students of the University of Buffalo at Norton Hall on the University Campus.”

The Buffalonian was the yearbook for all UB students for only one year. In the 1935 medical and dental students launched a combined yearbook called the Medentian. When the Buffalonian ceased publication in 2001, it marked the end of a yearbook for undergraduates.

The Buffalonian, years 1934 through 1979, are available through the University Libraries Digital Collections.


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