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UB Alumni Publications, 1926-1962

The Alumni Association of the University of Buffalo was established in 1926 and began a quarterly publication for graduates of all divisions of the university. This was the first publication for alumni issued by the university. The Alumni News of University of Buffalo was followed by University of Buffalo News, University of Buffalo Alumni Council Bulletin, and University of Buffalo Alumni Bulletin communicated news about the university and its alumni from 1926 until the private University of Buffalo merged into the State University of New York.

Topics: Publications, Digital Collections

UB Athletics History records, 1970-1985

This collection contains general history files on University at Buffalo Athletics, from 1970-1985. Collected materials include sports schedules, press releases, sports statistics, etc. The bulk of this collection is from 1970-1980.

Topics: Sports, UB History

UB COMmunity, 2015-2017

PDF copies of volumes 1 and 2 of UB COMmunity, the Department of Communication's newsletter. Includes the April 2015, July 2015, and 2017 issues of the newsletter.

Topics: Digital Collections, Publications

UB Disorders scrapbooks, 1970

Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings relating to campus unrest at the University at Buffalo in 1970. Volume 1 consists of Buffalo Courier Express clippings, dated February 26 to April 15, 1970. Volume 2 contains Buffalo Evening News clippings, February 26 to April 16, 1970. Topics include Buffalo police on campus, ROTC protests, establishment of experimental colleges, and Acting President Dr. Peter F. Regan.

Topics: Campus Unrest

UB Finding Aids

This database provides access to finding aids for institutional and manuscript collections in the University Archives. Finding aids include information on the contents of a collection such as size, arrangement, and an inventory of materials.

Note: The database does not represent all archival collections; additional collections are described in the University Libraries Catalog.

Topics: University History Resources

UB International, 1984-present

Print and digital copies of UB International.

Topics: Digital Collections, Publications

UB Living Stipend Movement records, 2017-2020

Records from UB Living Stipend, an organization focused on increasing wages for graduate student teachers and researchers.

Topics: Education History, University History Resources, Campus Unrest, Digital Collections, Social Activism, Student Life

UB Marching Band collection, 1960-2001

Collection of the University at Buffalo Marching Band, 1960-2001, includes records, photographs, memorabilia of the Marching Band, as well as Pep Band, Concert Band, and various ensemble

Topics: Student Life, Audio/Visual collections, Digital Collections, Sports

UB Medicine, 2013-present

UB Medicine, 2013- contains published issues of UB Medicine, the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences' alumni magazine.

Topics: University History Resources, Digital Collections, Publications

UB People Database

University Archives maintains files on many UB faculty, staff, and others associated with the university.  Materials contained in each file varies, but can include portraits, clippings, obituaries, publications, and/or curriculum vitae.

Topics: UB People, Photographs, University History Resources

UB Reporter mechanical art collection, circa 1970-1980s

Mechanical art and layouts for the Reporter, UB's publication for faculty and staff, from the 1970s and 1980s.

Topics: Publications

UB Salary Information

The State University of New York at Buffalo Salary Roster is available for inspection in the University Archives during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

The Salary Roster is compiled by the UB Department of Human Resource Services and updated annually, late in the calendar year.

Salaries are included for all state salaried positions including graduate and teaching assistants (GAs and TAs). Non-State funded positions and student assistants are not included.

The Salary Roster is arranged alphabetically by employee name. Appointment type and department affiliation are provided.

Photocopying of the Salary Roster is not permitted.

Salary information is not provided over the telephone or via e-mail inquiry.

Topics: University History Resources

UB Sports History Database

This collection covers the early years of University at Buffalo athletics. The collection will continue to grow in phases and will eventually encompass all UB intercollegiate sports teams (both men’s and women’s) from their beginnings to the present day.

Topics: Sports, University History Resources, Digital Collections

UB Today Article on Campus Unrest and Reader Reaction, 1968-2005

Copies of UB Today article on campus unrest at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1970 and artifacts and written recollections provided by alumni who were students at the university during the period of unrest.

Topics: Campus Unrest

UB Today, 1978-2013

Print and digital copies of UB Today, alumni magazine of the University at Buffalo.

Topics: Publications, Digital Collections

UB2020 records, 2004-2016

Materials related to the UB 2020 strategic planning process.

Topics: Education History

Uncrowned Queens Digital Oral History Project, 2004

Oral histories of Georgia Burnette, Gwendolyn Greene, Thelma Hardiman, Eva Noles, Garnet Hicks Wallace conducted by Peggy Brook-Bertram and Barbara Seals Nevergold of the Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research and Education on Women, Inc

Topics: Buffalo and WNY History, Social Activism, Women's History in WNY, Oral History

Undergraduate College General Education Program records, 1987-2017 (bulk 1987-1999)

This collection contains records and materials used in preparation and implementation of the General Education Program and the UB Curriculum.

Topics: Education History

Undergraduate Education (Division of) records, 1969-1979

Division of Undergraduate Education records, from 1969-1979.  Included in this collection are records on Latin Honors, Academic Planning, and other various administrative records and reports.

Topics: Education History

Undergraduate Research Council Records, 1967-1973

The Undergraduate Research Council is a special committee of the Student Association which funds undergraduate research projects. Records of grant recipients; may include applications; budgets; correspondence; and research reports.

Topics: Student Life

University Antiquities collection, circa 1900-1980

A collection of boxed items, including china, silver, brass. Some items from the Capen, Lockwood, and Hochstetter estates.

Topics: University History Resources

University Archives Historical Film collection

Over 130 16mm films in University Archives have now been digitized and are available for view online. Among the footage are the annual Moving Up Day parades, commencements, football games, marching band formations, student unrest, and campus construction. Some gems were uncovered, including rare footage of the interior of the Darwin Martin house, mid-century downtown Buffalo, Lionel Hampton, and a Buffalo Sabres vs. Buffalo Norsemen hockey game. 

Topics: Audio/Visual Collections, Buffalo and WNY History, Campus Unrest, Design Archives, Digital Collections, Sports, Student Life, UB People, University History Resources, Wright, Frank Lloyd

University Archives Oral History Collection, 1968-1993 [bulk 1978-1979]

The University Archives Oral History collection contains taped interviews with members of the University at Buffalo community, and the paper records associated with each interview. Those interviewed include administrators, alumni, faculty, staff, and UB Council members. Although covering some 25 years, the bulk of the collection consists of interviews conducted in 1978-1979. The interviews offer a wide range of topics and offers personal insight into University history by those that lived it. A majority of the interviews were conducted by part-time University Archives staff members Jenny Peterzell and Brenda Shelton. Other interviewers include then Head Archivist Shonnie Finnegan and Josephine Capuana.

Topics: Audio/Visual collections, Buffalo and WNY History, Education History, Oral History, Digital Collections

University at Buffalo Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Web Archive, 2020-2022

A collection of web sites that relate to the operation of the university in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, web sites that document the communication efforts of the university to the wider university community, web sites that document policies created and implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and web sites that complement the University Archives’ existing collecting areas including student publications.

Topics: University History Resources, Digital Collections, Student Life, Publications, Education History

University at Buffalo Songs collection, 1905-2006

This collection consists of songs and song sheets related to the University of Buffalo and its successor, State University of New York at Buffalo. Included with many songs written by UB students are the Alma Mater, first performed in 1905 and the Alma Mater with lyrics updated in 2006.

Topics: Audio/Visual collections, Student Life, University History Resources

University Communications Photo Database, 1980-2008

A portion of the University Communications Photo Database is maintained by University Archives.  Currently, photographs from 1980 to 2008 are available to search and download for personal, research use only.

Topics: Photographs

University Communications photograph collection, 1846-2007 [bulk 1982-2003]

Digital images and analog photographic material concerning University at Buffalo buildings, students, faculty, presidents, departments, and campus life as captured by the Division of University Communications, formerly the Office of Public Affairs.

Topics: Photographs, Digital Collections

University Council records, Part II, 1974-2002

This collection consists of records of the University at Buffalo Council. Including, information on council members, council committees, commissions, policies and other council matters.

Topics: University History Resources

University Ephemera, 1924-2010

This collection contains memorabilia, artifacts, and various materials related to the University at Buffalo, exclusive of student life.

Topics: Ephemera

University Ephemera, Artifacts and Iconography, Miscellaneous Documents, 1927-present

An artificial collection created for miscellaneous oversize documents not associated with a university record, faculty paper, or manuscript collection, or with other ephemera or artifacts collections. Diplomas are not part of this artificial collection.

Topics: Ephemera

University Ephemera, Artifacts, and Iconography, Chancellor's Medals, 1925-1971

Three Chancellor's medals presented between 1925 and 1951.

Topics: University History Resources

University Ephemera, Artifacts, and Iconography, Commemorative mugs, circa 1980-2009

Collection of mugs commemorating activities and events at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Topics: Ephemera

University Ephemera, Artifacts, and Iconography, Diplomas Other than University of Buffalo, Certificates, circa 1895-1962

This collection contains diplomas from institutions other than University of Buffalo and certificates that were awarded from the University of Buffalo.

Topics: Ephemera

University Ephemera, Artifacts, and Iconography, Presidential Medallion, 1967

Silver medallion and chain created for the President of the University at Buffalo.

Topics: University History Resources

University Events (Office of) photographs, 1989-2019

This collection contains photographs of various University at Buffalo events from the late 1980s to the 2010s. Events include Presidential events, awards and commencement ceremonies, dinner and holiday parties, and prominent visitors. Of notable interest are photographs from the Distinguished Speakers Series and Martin Luther King Commemoration Events. Many photographs feature President William Greiner and Mrs. Carol Greiner. Some photographs areaccompanied by paper event invitations. The bulk of the collection consists of 4 x 6 inch photographs, with some oversized photographs. There are also digital images of some Distinguished Speakers Series. Photographers include individuals from the Thomas Mineo Studios, (271 Burke Drive, Buffalo, NY) and Nancy J. Parisi, (Photojournalist, Buffalo, NY).

Topics: Photographs

University Events (Office of) signature collection, 1991-2019

Posters signed by speakers of the Distinguished Speakers Series, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration, and other University events.

Topics: Student Life

University Events (Office of), William J. Regan papers, circa 1988-2019

Professional papers and digital files of William J. Regan of the Office of University Events, largely concerning the Distinguished Speakers Series and the 14th Dalai Lama's visit to the University at Buffalo.

Topics: Digital Collections, University History Resources, UB People

University Information Services Campus Unrest subject files, 1969-1970

Files concerning campus unrest at the State University of New York at Buffalo including magazine articles; newspaper clippings; leaflets; press releases; reports; and other materials.

Topics: Campus Unrest, University History Resources

University Information Services Campus Unrest Subject Files, circa 1964-1973

Articles and newspaper clippings on student unrest, circa 1964-1973, particularly concerning opposition to the war in Vietnam, at colleges and universities in the United States (other than the State University of New York at Buffalo), collected by the University Information Services, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Topics: Campus Unrest, University History Resources, Ephemera

University Information Services chronological files, 1967-1971

Files, 1967-1971, containing background information about university events including drafts of news releases; statements of university officials; copies of programs; leaflets; and other relevant material. Most of the folders pertain to student unrest in the late 1960s; files also contain information about administrative appointments; conferences; athletic events; and other university events.

Topics: Campus Unrest, University History Resources

University Libraries Bulletin, 1967-1968

Print copies of University Libraries Bulletin.

Topics: Publications

University Libraries library history records, 1930-

Clippings and articles related to the University Libraries.

Topics: University History Resources

University Libraries organization charts, 1972-2020

Organization charts produced by the University Libraries at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Arranged by administrative unit.

Topics: University History Resources

University of Buffalo and World War II collection

Correspondence, reports, contracts, clippings, brochures and other documentation relating to the University of Buffalo during the time of World War II, including information on war service opportunities from the American Council on Education; the Army, Air Force, and Navy at UB; housing of troops at colleges; and an honor roll of University alumni killed in the war.

Topics: University History Resources, Buffalo and WNY History, Student Life

University of the State of New York student exams, 1885-1892

Examinations from the University of the State of New York. Includes history, geography, math, bookkeeping, botany, civics, and physiology.

Topics: Education History, Student Life

University Relations Subject files, circa 1963-1985

Subject files of UB's department of University Relations, circa 1963-1985.

Topics: University History Resources

Upward Bound records, 1966-1969

Reports and memos regarding Upward Bound and College Bound, precursors to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). UB's EOP program was one of the first in the nation.

College Bound began as a pilot project in Summer, 1965 to assist educationally and economically disadvantaged students transition to college. A companion program, Upward Bound, which began in Fall 1966, sought to identify area high school students for mentorship in education. Upward Bound students were invited to campus, and assigned tutors to assist each student with school work, personal problems, and plans for the future.


Topics: Education History