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Pan American Exposition of 1901 souvenir photographic book, 1901

Topics: Buffalo and WNY History

Pardee (Julia M.) Theatre Collection, 1958-1965

Collection includes photographs and programs for University of Buffalo productions directed by Julia Pardee from 1958-1965 including the Second Shepard's Play; Six Characters in Search of an Author; Waltz of the Toreadors; Juno; The Lady's Not For Burning; and Uncle Vanya.  Also includes posters.

Topics: Ephemera, UB People

Park (Julian) Papers, 1834-1965

Papers of Julian Park, the first dean of Arts and Sciences (1919-1954) and the University's first Historian (1959-1965). Collection includes historical documents concerning the inception and early history of the University which Park used as research for his publication, History of the University of Buffalo (1917). Also includes an unpublished manuscript for a subsequent history of the University; typewritten memoir; scrapbooks regarding his father, Roswell Park and the University of Buffalo (1907-1964).

Topics: UB People

Park (Roswell) and Oliver P. Jones Slide Lectures, undated

Dr. Roswell Park's lantern slides for lecture Medicine in Classical Art and Satire; Park's original notes for the lecture, with revisions by Julius Richter and Oliver P. Jones; correspondence between Richter and Jones regarding Jones' lecture, 1964-65. Also, information regarding presentation of lecture by Park in early 1900's by Richter (in late 1940's?), and by Jones in 1965; and Park's slides depicting torture.

Topics: UB People

Park (Roswell) Collection, 1876-1914

Collection of manuscripts of musical compositions written or arranged by Park; proceedings of dinner in Park's honor (1908); The Evil Eye, Thanatology and Other Essays (1913); microfilm copy of scrapbook of clippings and memorial messages compiled by family (1914). Also, Selected Papers Surgical and Scientific (1914), a posthumous collection by Dr. Charles G. Stockton.

Topics: UB People

Park (Roswell) Scrapbooks, 1872-1914

Scrapbooks include clippings, printed items, and other materials regarding Park's medical career and social life in Chicago, Illinois (1877-1883) and Buffalo (1883-1914). Also includes articles written by Park, information on Chicago musical events (1872-1875), and a memorial scrapbook of obituaries and tributes.

Topics: UB People

Parke (Fenton M.) Papers, 1841-1967

This collection consists of business records, correspondence, plot maps, property listings; ephemera of civic, religious, fraternal, and cultural institutions; family memorabilia, reminiscences; clippings on Buffalo local history; photographs of downtown Buffalo, circa 1910; medals; speech notes on clock collecting and Lincolniana. Also included are papers of his wife Margaret Kidd Parke: correspondence, notes from classes at the University at Buffalo, and correspondence related to the Home for the Friendless.

Topics: Buffalo and WNY History

Parkwyn Village Drawing Blueprint, 1947

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Parkwyn Village was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1947 as a Usonian community. The architectural drawing is a blueline print (41x60") of an original ink and colored pencil drawing.

Topics: Design Archives

Parry (William Tuthill) Papers, 1908-1988

Papers concerning Parry's teaching, study, and writing on analytic implications, modal and symbolic logic. Also documents Parry's directorship of the Progressive Labor School in Boston and his dismissal from the Massachusetts W.P.A. in 1940 due to his membership in the Communist Party. Collection also includes photocopies of Parry's testimony regarding communism before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, 1953; clippings and other material regarding his testimony and the subsequent controversy at the University of Buffalo and in the city of Buffalo. Also, paper by Robby Cohen, Professor William T. Parry, HUAC, and the University of Buffalo: A Case Study in Repression, and two oral history interviews with Parry conducted by Cohen, 1976.

Topics: UB People, Oral History

Patterson (Kay) Women's Studies College Notebook and Syllabus

The notebook and syllabus used by Kay Patterson when she was co-instructor for Women's Studies College course WS 214, Women in Contemporary Society during the fall semester, 1981. Also included is a key to the shorthand notes in Patterson's notebook.

Topics: Women's History in WNY

Pedagogy (School of) records, 1895-1898

Contains a minute book, register, catalogs, and other printed material of the School of Pedagogy, University of Buffalo, 1895-1898.

Topics: University History Resources, Education History

Pegrum (Reginald H.) Papers, 1926-1929, 1960-1971

This collection primarily consists of correspondence concerning Reginald H. Pegrum's activities as curator of geology at the Buffalo Museum of Science including field notes of geological surveys. Collection also includes material concerning Pegrum's career at the State University of New York at Buffalo where he was a member of the Department of Geology.

Topics: UB People

Perry (Thomas D.) Papers, 1957-1982, (bulk 1970-1982)

Collection of materials from Thomas D. Perry, professor of legal philosophy. Includes his teachings, publications, professional correspondence, and his work in the U.B. Philosophy Department.

Topics: UB People

Perry Action Committee newsletters and clippings

Newsletter, fliers, and clippings relating to the Perry Action Committee (PAC), a community organization of residents of the Perry-Louisiana neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. PAC worked to address police brutality and race discrimination, and publicize community accomplishments and achievements of neighborhood residents.

Topics: Buffalo and WNY History, Social Activism

Pharmacy (School of) class photographs, circa 1888-2026

School of Pharmacy class photos and negatives.

Topics: Photographs, Student Life, Digital Collections

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (School of) annual reports, 2005-2016

Annual reports from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Topics: Publications, University History Resources, Digital Collections

Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron of New York Chapter records, 1950-2015

Collection includes basic chapter records, correspondence, memos, annual reports, programs, documentation of visiting distinguished scholars, and texts of several Keynote addresses. Of notable interest is a printed spreadsheet with basic information about the chapter including presidents, secretaries, induction totals, etc.

Topics: Student Life

Phi Psi Sorority Scrapbooks, 1928-1946

Scrapbooks of the Phi Psi Sorority including chapter minutes; descriptions of social activities; capsule history of the U.B. campus until the late 1930s; and other miscellaneous items.

Topics: Student Life

Philosophy newsletter, 1990-2018

The Department of Philosophy newsletter.

Topics: Digital Collections, Publications

Photographic History of the Department of Physiology at Buffalo collection

Contains the bound and digital versions of the Photographic History of the Department of Physiology at Buffalo, as well as the original unbound papers used to create them. Also contains introductory materials, copies of photographs, and five biographical sketches of prominent figures in the study of Physiology and history of the Department of Physiology at Buffalo.

Topics: University History Resources, Digital Collections

Pi Lambda Theta. Alpha New Chapter records, 1938-1972

Records, 1938-1972, of the Alpha Nu Chapter of Pi Lambda Theta of the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Topics: Student Life, Women's History in WNY

Planck (Charles) Professor as Master of College F papers, 1968-1973

Papers of Charles Planck, professor of political science and first Master of College F from its establishment in October 1968 until his resignation in June 1973. The papers are primarily concerned with the planning of College F, courses offered by College F, other colleges, and university relations with the colleges. Also included are papers relating to the Radical Faculty Caucus of 1969 and the "Hayes 45" faculty arrested in the strike of 1970.

Topics: Education History, UB People, University History Resources

Plesur (Milton C.) Research and Course Material on the American Movie Industry, circa 1970-1985

Research and course materials assembled by Professor Milton C. Plesur, Department of History, State University of New York at Buffalo on the history of the American movie industry from its beginnings to the 1980s.

Topics: Audio/Visual collections, Photographs, UB People, Digital Collections

Ploughman (Penelope) Love Canal Collection, 1978-1994

Slides, photographs, and clippings about the environmental disaster known as Love Canal collected by Penelope Ploughman for her dissertation, The Creation of Newsworthy Events: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Man-Made Disaster at Love Canal.

Topics: Environmental Issues in WNY, Love Canal, Digital Collections

Polakov (Harold and Sylvia) Collection, 1940s-1980s

Personal photographs and clothing documenting Jewish youth groups (Omega Kappa Zeta and B'nai B'rith Youth Organization) in Buffalo, NY.

Topics: Digital Collections, Jewish Buffalo Archives

Polivka (J.J.) Papers, 1945-1959

Papers of J.J. Polivka, internationally renowned Czechoslovakian structural engineer. Collection documents his collaboration with Frank Lloyd Wright on many of Wright's later projects including the Guggenheim Museum. Collection consists of correspondence, clippings, photographs and photograph negatives.

Topics: Design Archives, Wright, Frank Lloyd

Porrath (Rabbi Samuel) Papers, 1863-1992 (bulk 1920-1989)

The papers of Rabbi Samuel Porrath (1908-1989) document his personal and professional activities in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York.

Topics: Digital Collections, Jewish Buffalo Archives

Post (Howard William) Papers, 1929-1981

Papers include copies of scientific articles; scrapbooks containing photographs, letters and other memorabilia; correspondence with colleagues in Europe and Asia; lecture notes; unpublished research papers; and materials documenting his professional research in silicon and organometallics and other personal concerns.

This collection has not yet been processed. Permission to use unprocessed materials requires the approval of the University Archivist. Please contact University Archives for more information.

Topics: UB People

Powell (Elwin H.) Papers, 1960-2001

In 1996, Powell deliberately organized one box of his own materials to be donated to the University Archives. He included class hand-outs and copies of an autobiographical work in progress. He also included a table of contents and a cover letter to explain the documents (the original letter and table of contents sent to the University Archivist is located in the accession folder). The folders from Powell's original donation were incorporated into the larger collection; however they are differentiated by an asterisk (*) in the finding aid. He arranged them into five parts and describes them in his cover letter as follows:

Part I. Choosing Peace/Making Trouble: A Project in Participatory Sociology, 1960-1990 is a still uncompleted manuscript (about 200 pages) dealing mainly with my antiwar activity on this campus. Most of this material was previously printed in the Buffalo Alternative Press and in Catalyst.

Part II. Catalyst, 1985, an issue mainly of the autobiographical writings of UB students in a Soc. 101 class. 211 pages.

Part III. Lecturing by Letter: Teaching 410 people to write a book and alter their consciousness, with a 30 page correspondence with a suicide attempter. 200 pages.

Part IV. Self as Project: On Choice, Consciousness and Conduct... Class Handouts, 1987-1996... approximately 1000 to 2000 pages. Includes here is a table of contents, circa 40 pages. This collection I am now rewriting as a book. I think the handouts give a glimpse of UB life over the past decade.

Part V. Proactive Evolution... toward a Paleosociology includes published papers, handouts, and notes on the role of consciousness in human evolution.

After his death in 2001, an additional 62 boxes of materials were donated to the University Archives. Organization of this post-humus installment of papers was significantly less deliberate. Files were generally grouped as activism, research, coursework and correspondence.

Because Powell was an avid photocopier and owner of a photocopy machine, there were many duplicate copies of class handouts, letters, flyers, and leaflets. Most duplicates were discarded. A selection of the discarded documents was used in an exhibit/installation, Epicircle: The Ed Powell Project. Reviews and an announcement of the event are available in the accession folder.


Topics: Campus Unrest, UB People

Pratt (Julius William) Papers, 1954-1973

Inventory of Pratt papers at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society; typescript of remarks at a University of Buffalo Council meeting, 1954, regarding the resignation of University of Buffalo President T.R. McConnell; clippings, circa 1958-1973; article and photocopy of draft article on Pratt's retirement, 1973. Also tape of discussion between Pratt and Selig Adler concerning Pratt's career as historian and teacher, particularly his role at the University of Buffalo, 1926-1958, and his recollections of the University.

Topics: UB People

Pro-Choice Network of Western New York Records, 1988-2004

Records of the reproductive rights advocacy group Pro-Choice Network of Western New York, 1988-2004. Collection is composed of documents concerning the organization's administration, events, and lawsuits. It also contains educational background material including extensive newspaper and magazine clippings.

Topics: Social Activism, Women's History in WNY

Prominent Visitors to Buffalo, 1964-2013

This collection chronicles many of the politicians, authors, musicians, and activists that visited Buffalo as well as UB. Documentation includes photographs, coverage of events from the UB Spectrum student newspaper, and related ephemera. Speakers include Robert F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and Ralph Nader. Much of the coverage is from events from the 1960s and 1970s. Additional visitors and content are regularly added to the collection.

Topics: University History Resources, Digital Collections

PsychList, 2019-present

Accessible PDF copies of The PsychList, the Department of Psychiatry's quarterly newsletter.

Topics: Digital Collections, Publications

Public Affairs (Office of) Empire State Games File, 1982-1987

Records, 1983-1987, concerning the Empire State Games, a New York State amateur athletic competition, hosted by the University at Buffalo in 1985 and 1986.

Topics: University History Resources

Pulse (The) Newsletter collection, 2013-2018

A collection of newsletters, titled The Pulse, edited and published by the Department of Political Science, University at Buffalo.

Topics: Publications